Health Systems

Healthcare is changing—fast. Can your organization fulfill its mission and innovate too? We’re here to help.

Reimbursement pressures. Costly transaction activity. Changing regulations. Today’s healthcare landscape is filled with challenges. The pressure’s on for organizations to fulfill their missions and maintain financial health. At West Monroe we’re taking healthcare systems consulting to the next level.
Now is the time for bold innovations—while staying pragmatic. So we focus on where you can make maximum impact. Draw on our healthcare strategy consulting expertise, our insights from other industries, and our experience in tailoring solutions to organization’s unique cultures, to make an impact—fast.

What We Do: Hospital & Health Systems

Together, we help you:

Build data-driven operations that drive value-based care

We partner with you to enable business processes and clinical operations, so you can capitalize on risk-based contracts, migrate towards risk-based care delivery, and achieve clinical integration as you navigate the shift to values-based reimbursement.

Reimagine patient access centers to gain competitive advantage—and margin

Contact centers are key for patients and physicians. Yet, without good access, patient flow is reduced, patients may be lost to competitors, and revenue collections are slow. We can help you create better, seamless care coordination.

Create digital products and experiences 

In addition to clinical excellence, consumers expect seamless, intuitive experiences. Becoming a consumer-oriented healthcare organization means looking at existing technologies with an eye to optimization, and considering when to make new investments. We can help.

Build scale, expand services, or gain focus through strategic M&A 

Our M&A expertise specific to healthcare data consulting—based on the 150-plus transactions we see every year—means we can execute an acquisition, merger, or carveout—fast. By combining competitive pre-close expertise with post-close value creation and transformation, we help you make the most of your investments.

Create a cyber-resilient health system hyper-focused on care continuity 

The financial and reputational impacts of a compromise can be significant. That’s why it’s imperative to understand your risks. While prevention is ideal, the best cybersecurity plans prioritize operational resiliency, so your organization can withstand an attack, or bounce back.

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