Systems & Platforms

Play the long game with new efficiencies

Choosing the right technology is just the beginning—holding your systems and platforms accountable to new efficiencies and value is the long game

Our team of experts can help your organization manage the vast ecosystem of platforms across your business, including:

  • CRM, Customer Information, & Marketing Systems
  • ERP, Financial Systems
  • Human Resource Systems
  • Workplace Platforms & Collaboration Tools
  • Systems and Platforms specific to your industry, such as EMRs (healthcare) or ADMS (utilities) or loan origination (banking)

What We Do in System Implementation & Platform Management Consulting

Make the right selection—with you

Our take? Too many buyers focus on the technology specifications and capabilities when selecting a new software system or platform. Instead, we help you make technology decisions based on the business outcomes you’re looking for. The secret is understanding technology well enough to determine how each system and platform can translate to business value. 

Our team knows how to do just that. West Monroe’s experts in cloud, IT strategy, and other areas of technology partner with experts in operations and industries to make sure your business is making the right investment. What’s more: We work across vendors and can negotiate to build flexibility into your contracts. 

Implement systems and platforms—alongside your teams

Lots of management consultants help you choose a platform. We stick around to make sure it meets your expectations. That means we get in the weeds with your teams, from negotiating the contracts to setting up customization to creating a governance structure and processes that work. We also have proven expertise in change management, training, and reskilling to make your workforce ready. 

Manage your platforms over time—with a focus on value 

The hardest part about gaining ROI from systems is continuing to extract value over time. Systems often come at a great output cost—being able to recoup that investment comes with executing an ongoing roadmap and making improvements and changes over time. Our firm doesn’t consider “launch” a success. We consider business results a success. 

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