Consumer & Industrial Product Manufacturing

In uncertain times, rapid insight is key. Manufacturers must operate in a data-driven, digital way – or risk falling behind.

Digital leaders excel—in their product innovation, manufacturing operations, supply chain, workforce, revenue generation, and progress toward a sustainable future. Why? Because they can harness the power of data, break down internal silos, and create digital agility across all aspects of their organizations.

Manufacturers have shown great resilience in recent years. But the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and accelerating pace of change aren’t going away. The ability to adapt and thrive hinges on your organization's capacity to leverage its data effectively. In our experience, manufacturers have sufficient data—but for most, it is nearly impossible to derive maximum value from it with today’s processes, skills, and technologies. That’s why advancing the journey to be digital is so critical. And that’s where our expertise as one of the leading consumer products & manufacturing consulting firms comes in.

Our manufacturing process consulting solutions create value across the enterprise by digitally enabling organizations, their products, factories, supply chains, and customer experiences—ensuring the right operations and technology to transform successfully. The result? New levels of agility, innovation, and productivity that break teams out of traditional silos, foster growth, and enable fierce competitive advantages.

What We Do: Manufacturing Consulting for Consumer & Industrial Products

Our consumer and industrial products services cover all facets of a manufacturing business, but they have one aspect in common: They leverage multidisciplinary perspectives with a team of industry, digital and technology, functional, and process experts built uniquely to address your challenges at hand. 

Embrace new strategies for driving profitable growth

Refreshing go-to-market strategies and customer engagement will be key to profitable growth. We employ principles of revenue growth management, starting with connecting data from across your enterprise to understand and segment customers and refocus resources on those who are most valuable. We also align internal functions so that your revenue-generation engine fires on all cylinders.  

As your data and analytics capabilities grow, we’ll help you use them to create new sources of value. For example, we’ll guide you through innovative product development that brings new digital or smart products to market—creating not only new service-based revenue streams, but also opportunities to monetize data.  

Where relevant, our M&A specialists can help you explore and act on opportunities to acquire the assets or talent you need to fuel growth. 

Deploy Industry 4.0 solutions

Everyone’s been talking about M4.0 for years—yet many manufacturers are struggling to make progress. Wherever you are in your journey, we have multidisciplinary industry 4.0 consulting teams that can help you break out of that struggle.  

If you’re in the early stages, we’ll assess the maturity of your operational technologies and find your best opportunities to use shop-floor data to improve scheduling accuracy, throughput, workforce productivity, speed to market, and—most importantly—financial performance. We’ll also prepare your workforce for the sizable cultural transformation to collaborative, innovative, and connected operations. 

If you’re further along, we can help extend successful pilots across your operations, take data and advanced analytics capabilities to the next level, or explore smart products that use operational data to drive efficiency, commercial, or sustainability goals. 

Of course, fast-evolving technologies can bring new risks. We’ll make sure you harden manufacturing control systems and secure organizational data today, while establishing a preventative, resilient cybersecurity strategy for the future. 

Increase manufacturing supply chain resiliency 

If manufacturers have learned anything from the past few years, it’s that you must improve supply chain visibility and agility to be better prepared when the next crisis hits. Our lean manufacturing consulting experts can help.  

We start by looking for opportunities to optimize your supply chain—for example, making better use of tools you already have to eliminate reliance on spreadsheets. Once internal improvements are underway, we’ll help you begin engaging your supply partners in a digital supply chain, including determining what “good visibility” looks like and establishing pilots to test approaches and assess impact.

Transform your workforce for a digital manufacturing future—while navigating today’s issues

The manufacturing workforce of 2030 will have a substantially different digital skillset. But today’s very real challenges stand in the way. Our broad view—from increasing engagement through heightened focus on culture and flexibility to redefining talent acquisition, training, and career progression—can promote greater stability today while jump-starting the longer-term transformation. 

In the future, manufacturing workforces will include a mix of contingent, outsourced, and/or near/offshore talent, supported by automation and virtual resources—requiring fresh thinking about how, by whom, and where work is performed. That’s where our strategic workforce transformation approach comes in.  

Advance your sustainability goals 

Reducing environmental impact is the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. The question then becomes: How can you make better progress—faster? By aligning your digital and sustainability journeys. We’ll analyze your operations and help you establish a vision and goals for your ESG and sustainability efforts as well as efficient, automated capabilities for capturing emissions data and reporting on the environmental impact of both your operations and your manufacturing & consumer goods supply chain. We’ll also equip you to use data to decarbonize and reduce waste in your operations—for example, employing smart products to continuously monitor and fine-tune energy consumption. 

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