Consumer & Industrial Product Manufacturing

Become a leader in Industry 4.0 manufacturing by connecting physical assets to the digital world, winning the war for talent, and securing operations

Consumer and industrial product manufacturers face intense pressure to become more agile, innovative, and efficient—easier said than done when technology, competition, and your workforce are changing quickly.

That’s where we come in.

We take manufacturing consulting to the next level by helping you establish digital and analytical capabilities that fuel innovation, so you can navigate change with greater ease. We take an undeniably different approach to accelerating digital transformation for consumer and industrial products companies, with a track record for driving real results: improve productivity by 25%, minimize labor costs and machine downtime, and lower asset maintenance costs by up to 40%.

What We Do: Manufacturing Consulting for Consumer & Industrial Products

We designed our portfolio of operational and digital consumer and industrial product solutions to drive performance and cost improvement across manufacturing operations—from supply chain and procurement to production, distribution, field service, and warranty. Our focus? Creating value by connecting the PLC to the P&L.

Advance digital and product transformation

Everyone’s talking about Industry 4.0, yet charting a course to a digital future is still a struggle. We’ll assess the maturity of your operational technologies and help you harness the power of your shop floor data to unlock untapped value—improving scheduling accuracy, throughput, workforce productivity, and speed to market. We’ll also prepare your organization for the sizable culture shift to collaborative, innovative, integrated, and connected operations.

Optimize cost and improve financial performance

We routinely help manufacturing enterprises reduce operating costs by 15% to 20% by leveraging our supply chain consulting solutions to address labor, material, and asset productivity. Our team can guide efforts to streamline technology, employ robotic process automation efficiently, and optimize your workforce by focusing on efficiency and customer experience, so you can achieve 100% productivity from 100% of your people.

Win the war for industry 4.0 talent

The manufacturing workforce of the future will be diverse and multi-generational. To retain existing expertise, you’ll need a human capital management approach that can transition current workers to a world of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, at the same time as attracting and integrating the next generation of talent. Together, we can lean into this challenge and come out ahead.

Maximize your return on strategic investments

If mergers and acquisitions are part of your growth strategy, our team—blending deep knowledge of manufacturing operations with demonstrated M&A leadership and experience—can guide you through all of the complexities. From due diligence and planning through execution and optimization, we’re always focused on value and return.

Use data to drive new levels of P&L and balance sheet performance

Brand differentiation, a great customer experience, and competitive pricing are the product of data and insight. Extracting value from data requires strong technology and advanced analytics skills, of course, but also a strong industry lens. We’ll help you connect data across your enterprise and use predictive analytics to elevate performance—our manufacturing clients typically reduce COGS by 10% to 20% by employing commercial analytics.

Secure your operations

There’s no question that digital technology creates new value. But employing these fast-evolving new capabilities in tandem with legacy systems can open up new avenues of vulnerability. We help you harden manufacturing control systems and secure organizational data and today, while creating a preventative, resilient cybersecurity strategy for the future.

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