What We Value

Since our founding, our values have driven the work we do and the culture we’ve built

When we started West Monroe, we set out to build a different kind of digital services firm. One that nurtures diverse backgrounds and expertise, and empowers our employee-owners through a culture of trust and accountability. We do that by sticking to a set of values we adopted on day one and have lived by every day since.

Inclusion and Diversity

We know that the best outcomes for our employees and our clients result from bringing diverse perspectives to the table, and we know that an inclusive environment is critical as we strive to create a workplace that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our clients and communities. This is why we’re committed to building an inclusive and diverse culture and employee base.

Inclusion and Diversity at West Monroe
Inclusion and Diversity


Many organizations call themselves people first, but as an employee-owned firm, we are truly all about our people. We build a culture of trust that fosters growth and empowers people to make a lasting impact.

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Best Client Service

We’re committed to delivering the best client service, and we believe that requires commitment, communication, partnership, compassion, and laser-like focus on creating value.

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Best and Brightest

We know that to be the best, we have to have the best. That’s why we invest in, mentor, and focus on building a workplace that retains people who demonstrate talent, potential, and a commitment to delivering excellence in digital consulting for our clients.

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We have built a culture where people work together for our collective betterment. Where people are focused on how they can contribute towards building a better, stronger firm for tomorrow, not just what West Monroe will do for them.


We all share in our company’s performance, and we all have a tangible interest in its success. We’re truly in it together—and that means we’re in it for our clients, too.



Growth isn’t one-size fits all. At West Monroe, we focus on ability, achievement, and contribution to the firm and our clients.


Even as we grow, we are committed to building nimble, multidisciplinary digital consulting teams that can respond quickly with an approach meant to achieve our goals. This means empowering our people and experimenting to ensure we are bringing the best digital solutions to clients and our people.


West Monroe started with people who loved the work they did and the people they did it with, and we’re committed to making sure that energy is maintained every day with every client.

Practical Innovation

We push ourselves never to settle for the status quo. Instead, we think outside of and ahead of the box to identify upcoming trends and issues. And then we create and refine practical, market-relevant, digitally focused approaches that produce value for our clients, our partners, and the firm.

Social Responsibility

Every company talks about being committed to corporate social responsibility. At West Monroe, it’s one of our core values. We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve been granted, and believe we have an obligation to give back. By bringing together our talent, experience, and resources, we believe that we can make a real, measurable difference.

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Social Responsibility


The foundation of our business is simple: good people doing good work. We believe that integrity is paramount to trust—the cornerstone of the best partnerships and collaboration. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for moral and ethical business conduct.

Quality Over Growth

Growth breeds our ability to innovate for our clients and create opportunities for our people, but we believe in being thoughtful and smart, ensuring we don’t sacrifice quality for growth.

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