Energy & Utilities

Together, we transform the way energy is delivered to our communities

Energy is changing in the digital age. Consumer expectations are shifting. Communities are diversifying how they generate and store energy resources. IoT and 5G are unlocking innovation. And, water conservation is a worldwide imperative.

Energy utilities are responding to, and in many cases, leading the charge in this complex new world. But the challenges are real. Utilities must manage transformational technology and business model shifts at the same time–while addressing regulatory uncertainty, customer expectations, an aging infrastructure, and an evolving workforce.

As energy and utilities consultants, we help you adapt to the changing world—swiftly and productively. So you can keep pace with change—and get a step ahead, too.

What We Do as Energy and Utilities Consultants

  • Introduce distributed energy resources (DERs) effectively

    DERs. An opportunity or a threat? Your utility's ability to influence adoption and behavior sets the tone. Our electric utility consultants can help with that.
  • Address regulatory and aging infrastructure

    Modernizing aging infrastructure is an imperative. Our experienced teams can help you become more interactive and agile, whether you run an electric, gas, or water utility.

  • Take on digital transformation—with confidence

    Leverage the exponential increase in data—and drive value from it. We can help you automate insights and improve all facets of utility operations, as well as securing utility assets, critical infrastructure, and the privacy of data and information.

  • Become a customer-centric utility

    We can help you define your customer experience strategy, and build a utility-specific customer information platform that’s simple, intuitive, and engaging. With every click.

  • Drive productivity in the digital age

    Succeeding in a competitive environment starts with your people. We can work with you to design intentional employee experiences, and create digital workplaces that attract and retain future talent. As well as helping you increase efficiencies by rethinking job functions and tasks that are costly, unproductive, or can be automated.

  • Build cybersecurity resiliency

    Utilities are an attractive target for cyberattack. With the proper systems, tools, detection, isolation, and remediation plans, we can help you ensure that your utility is able to operate as usual.

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