Market, regulatory and digital demands are accelerating. Navigate them with confidence—with an experienced partner every step of the way.

Insurers are facing pressure to change from all directions. The ability to grow and acquire new clients hinges on a targeted digital go-to-market model, powered by the right technology, advanced data and analytics, and an aligned workforce. 

Meanwhile, streamlining sales, policy and claims operations requires insurers to upgrade legacy systems and transformation processes just to keep pace with demand. Insurers must simultaneously build toward a digitally forward future, while transforming the foundation of their business—all while Insurtech moves the needle on best-in-class products and services. That’s where West Monroe can help. 

We work with insurance leaders to navigate and build solutions for carriers, brokerages, MGAs, and InsurTech companies. That doesn’t just mean being technology-enabled and efficient. It means being positioned for growth in a new digital ecosystem punctuated by new business models and markets; reimagined partnerships with vendors and InsurTech; and data-driven operations that fuel innovative product offerings and experiences—all while mitigating risk. 

You’ll need the right people in the room—and that’s what we provide: experts with deep experience in product management, marketing and sales/agency management, policy and risk management, and claims and billing across the insurance value chain. People ready to work side-by-side with you, from strategy through successful execution. 

Together, let’s lead the future of the insurance industry.

What We Do: Insurance Consulting

Navigate the new digital landscape 

The move to become digital has accelerated. West Monroe helps you lead the charge in innovation—whether that means modernizing legacy systems, optimizing your organization structure, workforce and processes, using analytics to improve risk evaluation and loss prevention, digitizing claims processes, or designing custom digital products and differentiated experiences that engage customers.

Build a New Digital Ecosystem to meet customer and employee expectations 

Insurance customers are expecting advanced digital capabilities to meet their needs of efficiency, innovation, and usability. Employees want tools that help them streamline their work processes to be more productive and to grow their capabilities. West Monroe can help you determine the right digital strategy, align leaders on a common vision, and build program and change management strategies to drive organizational adoption.

Maximize data for strategic advantage 

Data isn’t just information. It’s a strategic asset. We unlock the full potential of your data—so you can enhance risk management, reduce loss, and capture additional financial value. Our data engineers will help you define, understand, and access data—and then employ it through the many facets of data analytics and artificial intelligence, from maximizing data opportunities, defining a strategy to drive adoption, and ensuring alliance across your organization. 

Adapt to market evolution and increasing regulations 

Uncertain economic forecasts, evolving competition, and the growing number and frequency of global risks—from natural disasters to cybercrime—require the ability to adapt rapidly. West Monroe can help you update and optimize channels, organizational priorities, workforce evolution, and strategies for a changing world. We know change isn’t easy—but the stakes are high. Our transformation experts are ready to guide change and cultural development—efficiently and successfully.

Drive growth and value through mergers and acquisitions 

M&A continues to disrupt insurance—particularly as carriers look to InsurTech to stimulate innovation. Our team of private equity and M&A experts will help you mobilize fast to assess transaction readiness and value potential. We’ll guide your organization through the complexities of integration or a carveout, retaining the best assets—customers, people, processes, and technology—to ensure value capture.

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