Private Equity

Grow investments with confidence, agility, and a relentless focus on EBITDA—and speed

High valuations. Intense competition. Compressed sales cycles. Record amounts of dry powder. Private equity firms must prioritize investments and drive high returns. Fast. 

At West Monroe, our private equity consultants partner with leading firms to drive value across the portfolio. Starting with transaction advisory—on over 400 deals each year—we mitigate risk and identify post-close opportunities. For every challenge across the deal lifecycle, we build the right multidisciplinary team, bringing together industry experts, M&A practitioners, and technologists to create value, capture synergies, and realize your investment thesis. We understand your goals and have the expertise to help you meet them. Plus, we move at your speed.

What We Do in Private Equity

As a longtime partner to private equity, we’re able to leverage our knowledge and experience from over 3,500 deals to take private equity consulting to the next level. The result? A laser focus on results—so you can be confident in the outcome.

We take an industry-focused approach—through the lens of private equity management

Industry knowledge is a critical component of portfolio management. Successfully evaluating a target, designing an operating model, and integrating systems means starting with an industry lens. We bring this perspective to your investments by tapping into industry experts who are fully immersed—not only in the regulations, processes, and technology systems unique to that industry, but also in the trends shaping its future. Find out how our private equity consulting services span healthcare, life sciences, software and high-tech, retail, consumer and industrial products, and financial services.

We bring on the right experts to meet your challenges, every time

Every deal is different, and we treat it that way. With our deep bench of experts, we provide the resources you need to whip up the right strategy—and execute it. Our talented human capital management team is unparalleled in M&A transaction experience. We also specialize in ERP, cloud and infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and analytics. And we collaborate, working hand-in-hand with your team through a project management office that stays on time and within budget.

We specialize in buy-side, sell-side, carveouts, and mergers

Through a full suite of transaction advisory services, we:

  • Understand the readiness of a target or portco in advance of a transaction—through resource, operational, technology, and customer readiness lenses
  • Mobilize fast to evaluate your target or asset in time to perform key assessments that will help you avoid costly oversights and create value. From technology and software diligence to operations assessments to market and digital considerations, we bring both speed and expertise to buy-side and sell-side decisions
  • Guide you through the complexities of carveouts, from planning to target operating model design to core system separation and standup, and program management. Our dedicated, award-winning team of carveout experts—with distinct experience supporting more than 60 divestitures annually—also provides interim leadership for key functions such as human resources, finance, cybersecurity, and information technology, beyond closing, when many other service providers exit.
  • Execute post-merger integration to maximize synergies  and minimize risks associated with complex business technology integration. Integration is key to retaining the best assets (customers, people, process, and technology) and capturing value. 

We help you find value in your portfolio—and stick around to make sure it’s realized

When shrinking hold periods meet growing expectations, private equity firms must create value faster than ever. We implement data analytics in weeks through our Rapid Insights and Analytics Center of Excellence accelerators—so your operating partners have the information they need to run the portfolio better. Gain efficiencies through productivity improvements, cost takeout, automated tasks, redesigning processes, and identifying growth opportunities. And take on digital transformation in full force: Start by assessing the digital maturity of your portfolio, then make targeted digital investments that create immediate ROI. Let us turn technology into business value for you.

Find out how we can help you:

  • Assess cybersecurity risks and threats across your portfolio
  • Identify growth opportunities and execute upon them
  • Retain talent and productivity through a transaction, or obtain interim resources to fill key leadership roles
  • Build an M&A playbook for one or several transactions—and support the team until the work is complete.
  • Increase customer engagement and success during and after a deal 
  • Assess scalability, quality, risks, and opportunities around software and technology investments
  • Combine or separate technology platforms through a business orientation
  • Leverage data and analytics to inform decisions
  • Evaluate digital transformation opportunities and realistic investments to drive value within the hold period

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