Dental & Ancillary

The new business-to-consumer landscape raises challenges for dental and ancillary insurers. Rising above the competition means modernizing operations. We can help.

Today’s business-to-consumer landscape raises challenges for dental and ancillary insurers. Rising above the competition means modernizing operations and embracing digital strategy. We can help.

Dental, vision, life, and other ancillary insurers are navigating industry-wide changes. New customer relationship models and the continued pressures of dental benefits providers merging with traditional health plans highlight the need for dental payers to stay on the offensive. As an insurer, the challenges are clear—but this shift also brings new opportunities to rethink not only your strategy and operations but also your vision for the future of your business.

We are taking dental and ancillary consulting to the next level by helping you define and deliver strategies that uncover value along the entire payer value chain. Our dental and ancillary consulting services advise on everything from customer relationship strategies to IT modernization, as well as Medicaid readiness tailored to the niche dental and ancillary landscapes—allowing you to navigate change and stay a step ahead. 

What We Do: Dental & Ancillary Benefit Consulting

Strategy & Insights 

We can help you make the key decisions your organization is facing, whether you need to better understand your customers’ end-to-end experiences; ready your organization for expansion into Medicare, Medicaid, and other government services; or design and implement member retention programs. 

Technology & Platform

Deploy the right technology for modern, secure, insight-driven operations: high-performance architecture, high-performance contact centers, and direct-to-consumer platforms. Our dental plan consulting services help design and execute technology initiatives to reduce risk, improve service, eliminate redundancies, adapt to healthcare regulatory shifts, transform from B2B to B2C, and focus on customer interactions and experiences—all while reducing technology debt.  

Business Architecture & Transformation 

We design solutions that reduce cost, increase efficiencies, and create competitive differentiation for you. What is required to help you sustain and grow your business? Do you build or buy new solutions? We keep customers top-of-mind and use data to define and execute effective programs that align to your business strategy and drive real results within an ever-changing digital world.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

It’s impossible to ignore the growing demand for personalized care, expansion of healthcare sub-sectors, and competition for assets. Get the right capabilities and support from our dental and ancillary team to achieve attractive margins and identify opportunities to drive growth and revenue with new products and markets.  

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