Health Plans

Health plan leaders need to build agile, responsive, competitive operations that drive success. That’s where we come in.

Health plan leaders need to build agile and responsive operations that drive success. That’s where we come in.  

These are turbulent times for health plans. Regulatory uncertainty, shifting to new payment models, and the rapid advancement of digital health technologies have all pushed health plans to transform.  
West Monroe’s healthcare consulting expertise extends across all aspects of the health plan value chain. We work side-by-side with our clients to transform their operations, partnering to improve everything from customer interactions to internal processes, systems architecture, and data and analytics.  

What We Do: Health Plan Consulting

Re-envision analytics capabilities, create industry-leading customer experiences, streamline care coordination for better health outcomes, or transform traditional and digital operations. Whatever you need, our health plan consultants can help.  

Modernize your operating model for population health management  

Meet the needs of healthcare’s evolving landscape by modernizing population health and care management and building a resilient, digital-first business. Our health plan consulting team can help you create cost-saving operational efficiencies, optimize business processes and technologies, develop and deliver digital products, and expand your data and analytics capabilities in order to better understand and engage with at-risk populations and delivering positive outcomes.  

Improve experiences, differentiate, and scale to drive business value  

We help health plans deliver seamless experiences through technology while reducing costs. Attract and retain customers via fresh communications strategies, digital optimization, and healthcare management experience design and value-based alignments. Our experts understand how to deliver holistic services that support great member and provider experiences.  

Improve the member journey and manage your organization’s key metrics  

Escalating administrative costs, increasing costs of care, and low member engagement are creating challenges for health plans. Create human-centered digital processes and products to enable consumer behavior change, prepare for value-based reimbursements, and implement next-generation cost containment strategies to address an evolving healthcare landscape.  

Optimize and transform your entire enterprise  

We partner with leaders and teams across departments to unlock the potential of technology and improve processes and delivery capabilities. From automating to create efficiency and great customer experiences, to reducing organizational cost by moving to the cloud, or eliminating technology debt by modernizing your claims platform, we can help you drive change and develop a successful healthcare digital transformation.  

Turning your healthcare data into decisions

Insights from your member health data can drive smarter business decisions—cost savings, member and provider satisfaction, and opportunities for expanded capabilities. We help you implement better data governance and shift toward future-thinking, predictive insights.

Reach out to our health plan consulting team to stay competitive in the ever changing healthcare landscape. Our expertise can help guide your organization to become more efficient, leaner, and better at providing customer focused experiences.

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