Healthcare Provider Platform Transformation

As new healthcare provider business models take shape, having the capabilities to thrive and create value in a highly competitive, digital world may mean acquiring and integrating them. That’s where we come in.

Build a healthcare provider platform for long-term success. We’re here for strategic planning, efficient acquisitions, and technology-driven value creation.

The dynamics among healthcare providers are in flux: Multi-state, single-specialty provider platforms are growing. Multi-specialty platforms are moving into risk contracting. Retail health is undergoing a digital transformation. And pharmacies and pharmacists are becoming members of the care team. Ratcheting up growth, building competitive advantage, and creating value in this evolving healthcare landscape will involve buying and then integrating new capabilities – quickly and effectively – into a provider platform designed for success.

We understand the deals driving provider platform transformation – because we are in the trenches, working with health systems or financial sponsors to make them happen every day. We’ve seen what it takes to deliver success and put that at the heart of our undeniably different approach.

Our multidisciplinary team pairs deep provider industry experience with expertise in planning and orchestrating complex platform transformation for both private equity and corporate buyers. And we equip our team with proven M&A tools – including roadmaps, playbooks, execution management capabilities, and accelerators such as Intellio® Deliver that allow us to integrate acquisitions up to 50% faster – customized for the unique needs of this sector. That means you can realize targeted business outcomes and value sooner.

Results You Can Expect

  • Build a provider platform that is built for long-term success
  • Integrate provider acquisitions—including add-ons and roll-ups—faster and more efficiently
  • Avoid common integration or transaction pitfalls and mitigate risks
  • Accelerate the time to value for growth or a sale

What We Offer

Define your road to growth and value

Plan with the confidence that you are covering all the bases. Our provider platform transformation roadmap expedites the process of preparing for and executing each stage of post-acquisition or platform integration. Starting with your specific transaction objectives, we will lay out the detail, including the initiatives, timelines and interdependencies, management structure, and resource requirements necessary to deliver.

Our accelerators and tools are customized for the unique operational needs of provider and platform acquisitions – enabling transformation of point-of-care and clinical operations, front- and back-office functions, shared services, corporate development, and more.

Build faster with a platform integration playbook tailored to your situation

Getting to the finish line requires the coordination of many people. We make sure your team is heading in the same direction.

Our provider platform transformation playbooks are designed to guide the unique aspects of integrating provider add-ons or digital platform acquisitions. This means we can quickly tailor and provide an M&A playbook for your unique circumstances and goals – one that will support your team from due diligence to growth, value creation, and other goals.

Execute swiftly and efficiently

Our approach is designed to get you to your goals as fast and efficiently as possible. We will establish and run an effective integration (IMO), separation (SMO), or program (PMO) management office, equipped with proven digital management tools and dashboards, via Intellio® Deliver, to minimize administrative workload.

In particular, our team brings deep experience enabling provider operations through technology. Our expertise includes integrating or building systems that drive essential business capabilities such as practice management, digital health, clinical documentation, diagnostics, staffing and scheduling, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement.

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