Portfolio Value Creation for Private Equity

In today’s fast-paced environment, building a platform-for-exit requires data-driven decisions and a deep understanding of how technology creates business value. We’ve cornered that combination.

Sometimes, business value is hiding in plain sight. Other times, it requires digging much deeper to understand where you can not only extract, but create value—whether through technology, strategic change, or investments. Either way, you’re tasked with creating as much value as possible for exit, at the lowest cost. We’re here to help.

Our decades of partnership with the world’s top private equity firms means we’ve seen hundreds of platforms bought, developed, and sold. As businesses become more efficient and the world becomes more digital, it’s harder to find value through mere consolidation. Instead, a deep understanding of technology’s role in growth is critical to growing today’s platforms for exit.

The good news? Our transaction deal teams turn into post-close teams—immediately. That means the folks who advised your transactions also help you create value for your portfolio, bringing with them the innate understanding of your investment strategy and a consistent eye toward ROI. No transition necessary—we just get straight to work. 

What We Do in Portfolio Value Creation

Our deal teams turn seamlessly into post-close teams. Here’s how we partner with your private equity firm to create value across your portfolio. 

Growth Predictions with Precision

We combine large-scale engineering, statistics, and machine learning to analyze customers, products, services and channels. Our proprietary asset, Intellio® Predict, helps you uncover cross-selling and growth opportunities, increase profitability, and develop more accurate valuations and revenue models to increase multiples at exit. 

Technology Platforms & Integration

Our technologists work across systems to help you identify the right ones for growth—and scalability. Whether an ERP, CRM, or HRIS, we have built up deep knowledge of the vendors and service providers to help you choose what and how to implement and integrate. What’s more: We combine best-in-class sourcing processes and practices with contractual negotiations experience across a broad range of enterprise applications and services. 

Operations Optimization & Outsourcing Advisory 

From supply chain to IT to finance, our back-office optimization experts have seen it all. We take an 80/20 approach to your platform by bringing best practices—including outsourcing advisory—and pairing them with decisions custom to your investment strategy. Saving money, streamlining, and building for growth is our specialty. Automation and business process improvement are an essential component to scaling for growth. And our experts in this area have done it dozens of times. 

New Revenue Streams 

Modernizing and preparing for growth is one thing—actual growth is another. We specialize in building products and experiences that create competitive advantage and help you realize the benefits of becoming a digital business. Also, our marketing, sales, and service experts help across the entire customer lifecycle from creating faster sales processes to creating customer loyalty. 

Corporate & Business Transformation 

Our Corporate Transformation team, led by a private equity veteran, helps CEOs and executive teams transform their business from the inside out—achieving near-term results and long-term value. First, we help you build an enterprise-wide blueprint for value realization, supported by detailed execution plans for people, financials, technology, and customers. Then, we work side-by-side on workstreams to drive near-term financial and operational results.

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