Cost Reduction

Drive out cost—now and for the long term—at the speed required to impact EBITDA now

Executive teams face continuous pressure to elevate performance and value while removing cost from the business. But many are unsure where to begin or how to drive the biggest impact without negatively impacting their customers.  

Do you have a cost reduction strategy? We can help you act—fast.

Our approach has produced results for client after client, including:  

  • $38 million in COGS and SG&A margin improvement for a leading regional food manufacturer  
  • EBITDA margin growth from 9.7% to 30% for a healthcare provider 
  • $9.3 million in cost reductions and $16.7 million in reduced inventory working capital for a major retailer 

What We Do in Cost Reduction Consulting & Optimization 

With a unique investor mindset, our award-winning team helps CEOs and executive teams identify and drive near-term financial results while strengthening and positioning their organizations to win in the years to come. Our belief? A cost reduction consulting framework  is best executed when organization, process, and technology levers are pulled in tandem. Cost reduction can also happen at every step in your supply chain, to create a leaner, more efficient approach. Our multidisciplinary approach means you can get to cost reduction smarter—and faster—than the competition. 

How we help via our bespoke cost reduction services:  

  • Rethink your organizational design: Whether you need to rethink your organizational design to reduce labor costs or better align resources with strategic business priorities, we can help. We recently helped a financial services organization save $70 million annually through a flatter, leaner organization structure.  
  • Leverage automation and process optimization: We’ve also helped clients implement automation & productivity initiatives to drive down business costs while driving up output. For one client, that was a 40% reduction in labor spend. For another, we simultaneously saved $8M in labor savings while increasing productivity by 20%.  
  • Identify the most cost-effective operating model. We’ll help you think through your labor model and find the right balance of insourcing, outsourcing, and contingent labor and drive strategic sourcing and procurement decisions that minimize costs and maximize value for companies of all sizes.  
  • Reduce and rationalize technology spend. Cloud costs continue to soar and the proliferation of applications and platforms used across an organization can make IT costs unwieldy. Our rapid IT spend optimization assessment helps companies quantify their potential savings in just a few weeks. Need expertise? We have assessed the tech stack and IT strategy at hundreds of organizations to identify opportunities that: 
    • reduce costs in telecom and network operating expenses 
    • reduce costs related to cloud 
    • reduce costs related to technology licensing  
    • reduce application and platform costs 

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