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Where the bottom line meets the top line—crafting customer experiences that create competitive market advantage

You know the stakes: Companies that implement customer experience strategies grow faster and capture more market share. But, the real ROI of CX remains elusive for many. Approaching the elements of customer engagement as separate initiatives—strategy, operations, and technology implementation—doesn’t work. 

That’s why we take an undeniably different approach that does.

What We Do in Customer Engagement Consulting

Building a winning digital customer engagement strategy requires a new way of working. Fifty-two percent of CX leaders say they have less than a year to demonstrate financial ROI from their efforts—or they risk losing additional funding. We break down silos across business units. With each new challenge, we tap into the experience of more than 200 dedicated customer experience professionals who have completed over 1,000 projects across several major industries. We’ve seen what works—and what it takes to make your new strategy your new reality. 

That’s how we deliver tangible outcomes:

  • Increased revenue and market share
  • Faster speed to market with new features, products, and services
  • Higher talent retention and engagement
  • Lower cost-to-serve
  • Greater employee productivity, with more time to focus on value-creating work

Find out how we can help you:

  • Design the right experience—and help change your organization to deliver on it

    A winning customer, partner, or employee experience happens through deliberate delivery. The right strategy requires a human-centered lens, a collective vision to rally behind, and a deep understanding of the end-user experience. Our Product & Experience Lab helps you define a customer engagement framework and deliver on data-driven insights, value-driven goals, the right operating model and architecture, and change management to create sustainability.

  • Service and engage customers across all channels, building loyalty and success

    Your employees are the heart of your brand. We specialize in equipping them with customer engagement tools, enabling them to engage in intuitive, personalized interactions with customers—whether they’re at HQ, working in a remote contact center, or in the field. And as a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, we design, implement, and optimize the platform to empower your entire organization to drive customer success through effective, enabled employees.

  • Leverage customer analytics and data to up-sell, cross-sell, and grow

    Customers generate data—data you should be using to increase personalization and arm employees to work smarter, as well as to measure the impact of your CX efforts. Data that can also help you prove the ROI of your CX strategy investments.

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Connect with your customers at the next level. As a Salesforce Platinum Partner, we help you design human-centric experiences to engage your customers.

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