Threats are increasing, attacks are crippling business-critical systems, and digital transformation is exposing you to more risk. Respond with resilience.

Threats are increasing, attacks are crippling business-critical systems, and digital transformation is exposing you to more risk. Respond with resilience.

Cyberattacks are more sophisticated, frequent, widespread, and costly than ever. Smart business leaders understand that cyberattacks aren’t a possibility—they’re inevitable. As you continue to adopt new technologies and digitize more of your business, attackers are finding new ways to strike where it hurts you the most—your business operations.

We can help you recover, or better yet, withstand an attack.

What We Do in Cybersecurity Consulting

It may seem impossible to plan and prepare for a world of unknown threats. That’s why at West Monroe, we’re changing the cybersecurity paradigm as a firm, from measuring risk and protecting data to evaluating your ability to weather a cyber event. We work alongside your business units and IT professionals—and as a conduit between them—to establish the right cybersecurity strategy and compliance for your organization with our wide array of cybersecurity services.

We do all this through hands-on, multidisciplinary teams to provide lasting change. Starting with industry experts in energy and utilities, consumer and industrial product manufacturing, financial services, private equity, software & high-tech, retail, and healthcare, we take an industry-first approach to addressing cybersecurity challenges and planning. We pair them with a seasoned group of cybersecurity consulting experts who not only have deep technology experience, but are also at the forefront of trends as they work across industries. And we also bring in operational expertise, so whether you’re evaluating cybersecurity mesh options in M&A, or need help changing employee behavior through change management and redesigned processes, you’ll have the support of our cybersecurity consulting service specialists you need to get it done.

We don’t just provide practical recommendations: We roll up our sleeves and implement the solutions and remediation strategies. So you not only have a plan—but a partner to make sure it becomes a reality.

We solve your cybersecurity challenges at the intersection of people, process, and technology.

Find out how our cybersecurity consulting services can help you:

  • Build a cybersecurity strategy designed specifically for your business—and put it to the test. Rather than focus on the tactical gaps highlighted through penetration testing, we help organizations address the root cause of these gaps with strategic initiatives that drive a resilient culture of security throughout the organization. We also help you practice incident response.
  • Improve on existing digital security services. Our experts can help identify gaps in your current systems and build stronger protections from what you already have.
  • Protect each individual part of your network, in addition to the whole. Through cybersecurity mesh strategies, we help fortify every digital element of your business, from centralized data stores to individual employee hardware. 
  • Discover threats before they happen. Through proven threat hunting tactics, we help identify common threats to your company, based on its tech stack and process. We can prevent a ransomware attack and email compromise before they occur.
  • Effectively manage cybersecurity across your private equity firm’s portfolio. West Monroe’s Cybersecurity Advisory for Private Equity (CAPE) program was established exclusively for private equity firms to assess the state of cybersecurity across their entire portfolio—at one time. Together, we remediate the results.

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