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Bottom line: We can help you turn your data into actionable insights—and transform them into tangible business value

What do high-growth companies have in common? The ability to turn data into insights that drive value.

Our digital leader survey confirms it: 64% of companies that grow strongly agree that their organization is “highly adept at leveraging data for insights, predictive outcomes, and business growth.” It’s a compelling case for the power and impact of data. Yet, 58% of organizations we questioned said they found it difficult to turn insights into actions.

Getting analytics right requires a unique blend of skills and experience. That’s what we bring to the table: our data analytics consulting services help deliver the business and industry expertise you need to use data to create enterprise value. And, the expertise in data engineering, software development, cybersecurity, and modern cloud architecture to turn technology into impactful—and valuable— business results.

What We Do in Data Analytics & AI Consulting

We offer an undeniably different approach, one focused on creating value early and often. We start by demonstrating how your data can tackle a key business problem—and then another and another. This focus on rapid insights produces real results, fast. That engages your business, builds momentum, and lays the groundwork for an analytics center of excellence (COE).

  • Establish a data and analytics platform that’s right for your business

    Depending on your needs, this might include data marts and warehouses, predictive and prescriptive modeling capabilities, big data solutions, and visualization capabilities. Our solutions leverage modern cloud architecture, data science, machine learning, and accelerators—such as Intellio® DataOps—that adapt easily to your continuously evolving business.

  • Apply artificial intelligence to drive meaningful business impact

    We assess your readiness for AI and understand the areas of your business that would benefit from it. We then create an AI strategy that balances quick wins with large value creation opportunities over the long term. Once we have a roadmap to the future, we develop and deploy the ideal AI and machine learning models customized to your business.

  • Succeed in the long term by ensuring the right culture, organization, and processes are in place for analytics

    Starting with rapid insights, we combine our AI COE and analytics to align with C-suite priorities and use cases. We deploy ongoing governance, development framework, technical architecture, and a value capture process to achieve and execute use cases across the enterprise.

  • Predict future revenue and growth with greater precision

    We evaluate revenue streams and growth potential. Through large-scale engineering, statistics, and machine learning, we can predict customer behavior, growth from new customers, repeat rates from customers, spending level by customer, and lifetime value by customer segment.
  • Need more than a strategy? We implement analytics and AI, too

    We roll up our sleeves and drive change together. That way, we can help your team develop the necessary knowledge and skills for maintaining a data-driven enterprise. That leads to real results:

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