Healthcare Providers

Healthcare is changing—fast. Can your organization fulfill its mission and innovate too? We’re here to help.

Healthcare is changing—fast. Can your organization fulfill its mission and also innovate? We’re here to help.  

Don’t let your organization get left behind. It’s hard to keep up with changes in the industry while also keeping up with your organization’s duty of care. Let our expert healthcare consulting team help you avoid being spread too thin.

Rising digital expectations. Reimbursement complexities. Staffing and supply chain challenges. Changing regulations. Today’s healthcare landscape is filled with obstacles. The pressure is on for organizations to fulfill their missions and maintain financial health. At West Monroe, we’re taking healthcare providers consulting to the next level. 
We focus on where you can make maximum impact while striking a balance between bold innovations and pragmatism. Draw on our healthcare consulting expertise, our insights from other industries, and our experience in tailoring solutions and products to organizations’ unique cultures, to make an impact—fast.  

What We Do: Healthcare Provider Consulting

Together, we help you:  

Deliver great care experiences at the moments that matter most 

In addition to clinical excellence, consumers are looking for the kinds of seamless, intuitive experiences available in other aspects of their lives. Improve outcomes, differentiate, scale, and create the greatest clinical and business impact through an experience-focused, digitally enabled operating model that permeates all functional areas of your business. Becoming a digital healthcare organization means looking at existing technologies with an eye for optimization and considering when to make new strategic investments that will aid in the integration of the physical and digital aspects of care. We can help.  

Connect points of care with improved population health management  

A modern care management model is supported by digital tools and capabilities designed to holistically support patient journeys end-to-end. This includes everything from traditional care settings and delivery to behavioral health, dental health, and home health. We help healthcare providers create comprehensive strategies that integrate all aspects of care in order to create better population health management practices and outcomes.  

Reimagine patient access to gain competitive advantage—and improve margins  

Efficient, easy, and equitable access to care and services is paramount. Without it, patient flow is reduced, patients may be lost to competitors, and revenue cycle management is even more challenging. Our healthcare provider consulting team can help you develop people-first healthcare strategies, modernizing omnichannel communications, enabling fluid access to services, and developing high-performance customer engagement.

Build scale, expand services, or gain focus through strategic M&A  

Our healthcare M&A expertise—based on the 150-plus transactions we support every year—means we can help you execute an acquisition, merger, or carveout—with the knowledge and structure needed to ensure success. Identify opportunities to drive growth and revenue with new healthcare products and markets, estimate incremental revenue growth, and support product portfolio development. By combining competitive pre-close expertise with post-close value creation and transformation, we help you make the most of your investments. 

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