Member & Patient Centricity

Create human-centered digital solutions and systems fueled by an understanding of what healthcare consumers value most—leveraging our digital and industry expertise to enable the best experience possible

Consumers are coming to expect personalized digital experiences across the board. Are you rising to meet their expectations?  

Healthcare consumerism is rapidly evolving alongside an explosion of medical technology, services, and knowledge as members and patients have become accustomed to highly tailored and digitally seamless experiences rooted in their day-to-day lives. But the industry still has a long way to go to meet consumer expectations for individual engagement and tailored, on-demand health care experiences. We help you put people first and drive interactions that are compelling, seamless, and highly customized across every touchpoint. 

We build meaningful digital health care experiences centered around the consumer—whether that’s a patient, provider, or member. This includes developing people-first health care strategies, modernizing omnichannel communications, enabling fluid access to services, and developing high-performance customer engagement. We achieve this through an effective and efficient combination of experience design, digital technology, and analytics. 

West Monroe’s multidisciplinary teams bring deep industry expertise combined with proven, proprietary tools and accelerators to empower your organization to enhance engagement and experience. Our human-centric strategies encompass the coordination of business functions, development of technology capabilities, and expansion of engagement channels. This sets a strong, scalable foundation that will keep your customers at the center—now and in the future. 

Results You Can Expect

  • Increase constituent engagement leveraging cross-channel execution 
  • Drive constituent acquisition and retention 
  • Enhanced digital health care operating structure and create better stakeholder alignment and execution 
  • Demonstrated improved outcomes and ROI through better patient outcomes, increased strategic insights, and optimized core processes 

What We Offer

Health care strategy and operations design 

We start by understanding the extent to which your organization's current structures, roles, and culture are conducive to a constituent-centric health care business model. We then design constituent-centric operating models that drive engagement strategy execution and fuel competitive advantage. This approach is heavily aligned to your business’ long-term goals to ensure organization-wide alignment that is necessary for success. 

Product and platform execution 

We focus intently on the breadth and depth of your organization’s efforts to support patients, caregivers, and the broader set of stakeholders in your business. Doing so enables us to design and execute health care technology products and services to fulfill unmet needs at the moments that matter. Your organization will have an enabling infrastructure and operating model that will improve outcomes and enable constituent centricity, support leadership initiatives, drive product development, and expand and optimize services. 

Data and analytics monitoring 

We develop solutions to aggregate data from multiple sources to provide a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling your organization to consistently measure the impact of its products and services on expectations, experiences, and satisfaction. We’ll work closely with you to identify the most relevant KPIs to continue guiding your business practices as you scale for the future of your health care business.

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