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When it comes to mergers and add-ons, you can trust our track record of integrating companies to retain and create value

The integration planning and execution phases of any merger are critical. This is where growth opportunities are uncovered and cost savings are delivered on. Yet the post-merger integration process is fraught with potential pitfalls that can derail progress. That’s where we come in.

We know that successful post-merger integration (PMI) takes a deep understanding of the merger thesis. That’s why we bring a multidisciplinary team with deep industry experience, technology expertise, and operational know-how to the table. We approach integration consulting holistically, rather than as a series of projects, so that we can help you from strategy, analysis, and planning, through every complexity, all the way to delivering a successful post-merger integration. We’ll be with you in the trenches making sure that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

That’s how our post-merger integration (PMI) services deliver undeniable results—deals that strengthen companies and create value, faster.


Integrate 50% faster—and ensure merger success—with Intellio® Deliver

West Monroe’s Post-Merger Integration services are powered by Intellio® Deliver, which accelerates your merger timeline, maximizes synergy capture, and minimizes the risks associated with complex business technology integration. Intellio® Deliver is a centralized program management and collaboration tool that comes with industry-specific workplans and real-time reporting—meaning you spend less time planning and more time successfully integrating.  

Intellio® Deliver helped two companies decrease the administrative burden of their merger and get a head start on integration—merging in 150 days and with a 10X ROI.

Learn more about West Monroe’s Intellio® suite of assets that deliver results, faster.

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What We Offer: Steps for a Successful Merger

Pre-close merger and acquisition integration planning

M&A integration readiness

The key to a successful merger is to begin the M&A planning process as soon as you know the deal is likely to close. Setting up the post-merger integration strategy as early as possible allows you to have the flexibility and insight needed to keep running smoothly. We help you identify, budget, and plan mission-critical operational improvement and technology initiatives that support your investment thesis and can improve EBITDA performance. We’ll also identify the right structure and leadership to oversee the merger implementation process.

Merger and acquisition integration playbook

Establish the essential integration reference guide for everyone involved in the strategy, planning, and execution of your post-merger integration. We’ve developed M&A integration playbooks for mergers of all sizes and in most industries, so we can quickly tailor yours for your unique circumstances and goals.

Target operating model design

Define the optimal structure, operating norms, optimized business processes, technology, vendors, metrics, and post-merger culture for the combined organization. Our library of industry-specific target operating models accelerates the process of determining how two organizations will come together to create new value.

Organizational design

Design leadership, reporting structures, sizing, spans of control, and workforce optimization strategies that are aligned to your post-merger business strategy and operating model. Our human capital management experts have extensive merger and acquisition experience and can assist with company integration best practices in areas such as pay equity, talent retention strategy, or organization design.

M&A integration roadmap

Chart your course to success and value creation by creating a post-merger integration framework early. Our established and proven post-merger integration planning tools and templates expedite the process for building pre-close, Day 1, and post-Day 1 integration. Work from merger integration plans that cover all the bases.

Post-merger integration execution

Integration management office (IMO)

Establish and run an effective IMO, with the right structure, roles and responsibilities, program management processes, and tools for tracking progress, risks, and synergies. Our digital IMO tools and dashboards minimize administrative workload during execution, so you can achieve post-merger success with leaner teams.

Integration change management

Identifying the right leaders—and the right numbers of leaders—is critical to a profitable and productive operating model following a merger. Our comprehensive and proactive organizational change management communication plan aligns leaders and brings together cultures and operating norms while avoiding common M&A integration barriers and pitfalls. So you can integrate teams, and smoothly navigate complex change.

Post-merger technology integration

Accelerate the path to unified operations with an efficient approach to consolidating and integrating core systems. Technology is in our DNA: We know how to apply it to enable a winning business. We can help you use modern cloud infrastructure, digital/ data platforms, and other capabilities to build an agile, scalable organization. Our migration tools and accelerators for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other systems allow you to integrate operations faster.

Let West Monroe help make your post-merger integration process as smooth as possible. Our decades of experience with mergers from start to finish can help you keep everything on track. 

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