Industry expertise accelerates success. Without it, essential context gets missed and results fall flat. That's why we bring it—every time.

At West Monroe, we believe in the power of multidisciplinary teams—and that starts with industry expertise. Whether you need a team that deeply understands health plans, has worked with banks and credit unions for decades, or lives and breathes the intricacies of private equity, our industry experts bring unparalleled value to our partnership. When teamed up with technologists and operational experts, they create undeniable results that make companies truly digital. Every time. 

Consumer & Industrial Products

We help consumer and industrial product companies incorporate digital and analytics capabilities to become more agile, innovative, and efficient.

Energy & Utilities

With deep expertise in energy and utilities consulting we help utilities transform with the changing energy industry using digital tools, information, and management.

Financial Services

We help companies and people in the financial services industry increase productivity and optimize revenue by unlocking the full potential of technology.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our healthcare expertise reaches far and wide. We help companies across the care continuum drive results—and deliver on a critical mission. 

High-Tech & Software

We help the software industry drive growth and increase scalability to elevate the customer experience, improve margins, and mitigate risk.


We work with insurance leaders to build for the future, while transforming the foundation of their business.

Private Equity

Prioritizing investments and driving value is your goal—and ours too. With deep private equity consulting expertise, we grow your investments with confidence.



Our retail industry experts use technology-focused solutions to help you stay competitive, optimize efficiency, and drive growth in the evolving retail world.

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We bring custom digital consulting engagements to our clients—but every engagement starts somewhere. Explore how we transform companies into digital organizations. And what's possible for yours.

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