Customer Journey Analytics

Harness the potential of customer journey analytics to identify your most loyal customers, increase personalization, and proactively arm employees to work smarter

Companies have a tremendous volume of data at their fingertips, however, true data-driven organizations are hard to find. It can be a struggle to turn data into a driver for value. Unreliable data originating from disparate systems can muddy the waters. Leaders can be unwilling to drive adoption and champion change.

A smart and effective customer journey data analytics strategy is crucial to business relevance and survival in today’s data-driven world. Organizations that are not leveraging their data to build loyalty are missing out on potential revenue gains. Data strategy requires a strong foundation, a vision tied to your organization’s goals, and the technical expertise to position the right insights to paint an actionable value story for your business.

That’s where we come in.

Does your firm have:

  • Readily available KPIs that depict customer health and the customer journey?
  • A way to ensure customer data is acted on and prioritized to improve CX and relationships?
  • An established governance mechanism that creates accountability around CX quality?
  • The capability to manage and disseminate clean, consistent data as required to interact intelligently with customers regardless of channel?
  • Employees with enough knowledge and skills to manage and act upon customer data?

Through our customer journey analytics solutions, we can help you identify the data that is most critical to your customer, employee, and partner experiences, build effective customer analytics and data strategies and develop capabilities that allow you to use the data you have in a way that creates market differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage. Together, we can ensure your data makes an impact.

Results You Can Expect

  • Increase cross-sell and upsell, driving additional revenue
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction (CSAT, CLTV)
  • Faster access to customer data and custom views that drive immediate value
  • Time saved through automation

What We Offer

A deep dive into your most profitable and loyal customers

Your customer data can identify your customers’ unique insights; their interests, their experiences, and how they perceive your relationship. By looking at the overall health of each relationship, you can develop customer propensity and churn models to unlock a deep understanding of your strongest customers, as well as those that are set to leave your organization. Identify current friction points with tools like customer journey analytics, so you can get ahead before larger issues arise, while also better predicting outcomes based on journey paths.

Personalization that drives customer value

Interacting with customers in a personal way that hits on their specific interests at the current point in their customer journey lets you create valuable experiences that enable long-term success. Segmenting based on what matters most to each customer allows for greater cross-sell and upsell opportunities, making the customer happy and driving more revenue.

A quantitative approach to data strategy

Measurement through customer journey analytics is a critical part of customer experience success. With clarity around what’s driving your customers’ experience, you can effectively prioritize which improvement efforts to focus on. We partner with you to develop the right KPIs and frameworks upfront, so you can use data as a tool to understand the impact of your CX initiatives, and clearly communicate the ROI of your CX efforts.

A strong data analytics foundation for growth

Your technology systems and platforms might not be set up in a way to provide clean, accurate data. Our depth in technology makes us the ideal partners to help you create a data analytics strategy that is scalable long-term while providing quick wins. Building this foundation for your data to grow is often the first step to getting the data you need to make better business and customer decisions and becoming a data-driven organization.

Intelligent automation that allows you to go beyond what you thought possible

With customer journey analytics and AI, you can segment customers to understand behaviors and better predict their wants and needs. Our customer journey analytics solutions use modern cloud technology, data science, machine learning, and accelerators—such as our Intellio® DataOps—to generate insights faster, better, and cost-effectively. We then integrate and operationalize the insights discovered through the data to enable employees and businesses to deliver a better customer experience.

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