Agricultural Lending & Farm Credit

Providing quality credit to an essential—but innately volatile—industry requires organizations to be at the top of their game

Credit lending organizations must simultaneously embrace trends impacting the broader financial services industry like the digitization of organizations themselves in addition to the customer experience, as well as leveraging new technology like automation to optimize processes. Yet agricultural lenders and credit service organizations must not only equip their organizations to keep pace with the broader industry but ensure they are nimble enough to address the complexity and inherent credit risk across the agriculture industry. 

We understand the competing forces and complexities of agricultural lending and credit organizations and work with your teams to ensure shared success between your organization and our nation’s producers.

What We Do: Agricultural Lending & Farm Credit Consulting

Equip digitally enabled organizations

From defining the strategy and roadmap to becoming digitally enabled to integrating supporting technology, our agricultural and farm credit consulting experts partner with you to create digital strategies grounded in your organization’s specific needs and challenges and demystify the path to becoming digital. 

Leverage the latest technology

From Salesforce to nCino, we support the design, build, and implementation of leading technology in the financial services industry. We understand that technology alone isn’t a silver bullet, and instead work side by side with organizations to first address people and processes to pave the way for successful adoption. All so you see the results of investments, faster.

Optimize processes and strengthen essential services

Given the wide variety of offerings to support farmers, ranchers, and producers, it is vital to optimize your end-to-end lending value chain while protecting your organization and your clients from inherent risk. On the lending side, we optimize processes to ensure they are aligned with customer needs, leading to faster cycle times and lower costs of origination. We work with credit organizations to streamline and standardize insurance workflows and quoting to improve reporting, efficiency, and customer experience.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

We partner with our clients to help navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape and equip them to proactively navigate new regulations – all while supporting their commitment to growers and producers in a secure and compliant manner.


As one of the first nCino strategic partners, we bring a unique approach to our work with our banking clients. We don’t believe technology is the silver bullet. We partner with clients to maximize their investment by thinking through org structure, change management, and the supporting processes to realize the lasting power of nCino’s technology.

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