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The time to get proactive about workforce productivity is now. We can help you drive results that make a meaningful impact on the bottom line—within weeks.

Increasing workforce productivity across your organization is paramount, whether your company’s growth is being constrained by the war for talent, or you’re looking to take cost out of the business. But, while most leaders know productivity is important, many will encounter challenges on the road to achieving it because they:

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Try to do too much, too quickly
  • Address symptoms rather than root causes of low productivity
  • That’s where our automation consulting services come in.

As one of the leading automation consulting firms, our effective, three-phase approach to increasing productivity in the workplace starts with a diagnosis of issues, and prioritizes the biggest problem areas draining productivity. Our team creates strategies to improve work efficiency, increase productivity, reduce cost, and tackle improvement opportunities, and takes a holistic approach to sustaining long-term change for your organization. Our hyperautomation mentality drives us to find the best ways to automate as much of your daily business processes as possible. If appropriate, our business process automation consulting can advise on and deliver effective business process outsourcing (BPO) strategies that allow your organization to focus its limited resources on core needs.

Boost workforce productivity by 20% (or more) with Intellio®

West Monroe’s Productivity Improvement offering is powered by our Intellio® suite of assets. 

  • Intellio® Labor is a cloud-based planning, budgeting, and management tool that plugs into your existing systems to retrieve labor-related data and produce valuable insights. Intellio® Labor simulates process changes and calculates the associated time and cost savings—modeling productivity improvements before you decide to make them.

  • Intellio® Insights collects the critically important, granular data your team needs to make decisions on process improvement and workforce management. Intellio® Insights quantifies the time and cost of work activities performed by role and becomes a foundation for efficiency recommendations.

Learn more about West Monroe’s Intellio® suite of assets that deliver results, faster.

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What We Do in Automation Consulting & Productivity

Discover hidden potential through process improvement with intelligent automation solutions

We excel at business process automation consulting, which enables us to identify opportunities to improve operational functionality, and prioritize those productivity improvements through business analysis, process analysis, and process modeling. Using these gathered inputs, we develop a business case for change, with clear requirements and actionable models based on your unique business needs.

Build leaders from managers

Does your front-line management have the tools, training, technology, and support they need to manage the workforce? We help you empower your managers—the biggest drivers (or inhibitors) of workforce productivity—to lead effectively with intelligent automation consulting. We start with a quantitative and qualitative view of the current state of your management teams and implement the right training, development, change management, and incentive plans to transform them from doers to leaders. Through a hyperautomation approach, we identify ways that your managers can focus less on manual tasks and more on what matters - driving your business to succeed.

Nearly 60% of managers spend at least three hours a day on manual tasks


Improve productivity through workforce and labor optimization

Make full use of our productivity consulting service to get more value out of the workforce you already have. We can help you define resource requirements for labor, equipment, inventory, and more. So you can develop models for evaluating capacity, planning and budgeting, and measuring performance.

Establish value-focused IT and business process outsourcing arrangements

How can you increase shareholder value, obtain financial objectives, or improve operational performance by outsourcing certain IT or business processes? We’ve worked with many clients to outsource key business and IT functions, with deal values ranging from ten million to several billion dollars. We understand where to look for the right opportunities – and then how to develop them into significant savings and better process performance. And we have the experience necessary to negotiate effective contracts, ease the transition to outside services, manage a relationship to ensure it delivers as expected, and innovate as a relationship progresses.

Our outsourcing advisory experience spans virtually all business functions: contact center, HR, finance and accounting, supply chain, procurement, distribution, contract manufacturing, IT application and integration services, IT infrastructure and network services, IT end user services, and more.

Unlock instant, measurable value through intelligent process automation consulting

Hyperautomation helps organizations eliminate manual tasks where, for economic or technology reasons, this option did not previously exist. When applied at scale, our robotic process automation (RPA) consulting services combined with intelligent automation can transform entire operations. We assess the areas of your business draining productivity, redesign processes for optimal efficiency, and then deploy, build governance around the right automation strategy.

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