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Across every industry, HR is expected to create greater value for the business. Is your organization ready to deliver?

As companies move toward a digital future, they need new skills and talent that can work in new ways. That puts HR at the front line of value creation. One of the function’s key challenges is elevating its own power to deliver. That’s where West Monroe's HR consulting services come in.

We help HR leaders ready their organizations for the future, transforming the HR operating model to free time and resources for focusing on the mission-critical work that creates business value.

We start with real data—baselines, benchmarks, and analytics—to highlight your biggest opportunities. Then, we employ our multidisciplinary approach to make sure your people, processes, and technology are moving in tandem. That’s how HR builds the competence and credibility to drive real results. 

What We Do in Human Resource Consulting

Modernize your HR technology

To keep pace with the recurring change in businesses, HR organizations are moving away from point solutions and towards agile, fully integrated cloud solutions. We can help you make the leap. But we won’t just tack on technology for the sake of it. 

We deploy technology strategically to create business value, so we start with your organization’s specific business drivers for change. Then, we’ll help you define and, ultimately, implement the right applications, platforms, and infrastructure that can deliver new value – maximizing the potential of the cloud. 

Because lack of organizational readiness is one of the main reasons companies end up disappointed with new HR systems, we have an approach for that. Leveraging our organizational change management resources, we make sure your people are prepared for change and eager to adopt new capabilities that make them more efficient, productive, and successful.

Streamline and standardize HR processes

We can pinpoint your best opportunities to reinvent HR processes – whether through automation, redesign, or sourcing strategies. Backed by significant strategic sourcing expertise, our team’s HR advisory services can help you evaluate and execute process outsourcing, insourcing, and co-sourcing alternatives, as well as implement or refine shared services strategies.

Elevate the contribution of your HR organization

Ultimately, it is your people who create value for the business. We make sure your HR organization is designed to unlock the potential of your talent. Our analysis looks for opportunities to enhance organization structure, redesign jobs and roles, improve staffing, and adopt the optimal location strategy.  

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