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Avoid merger and acquisition transaction pitfalls. Capitalize on opportunities. Capture value. We’re here to help you, from strategy and readiness, to execution and results.

Every year, our clients, representing 40% of the top 100 private equity firms, trust us to support 400 transactions annually—across software, manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, and other industries.

It’s not just our transaction advisory and M&A advisory experience that they rely on to help them capitalize on opportunities. It’s our undeniably different approach.

Our multidisciplinary teams combine deep industry experience with technology expertise and operations know-how. We understand your industry, its operations, and the technology foundation that will drive success in the future. Our M&A diligence can help you avoid potential pitfalls. Our insights can reveal synergy and value-creation opportunities, and empower you to proceed with confidence.

Is your M&A transaction poised for undeniable results? We’ll make sure it is.

Execute your deal confidently with Intellio®

West Monroe’s Transaction Advisory offering is powered by our Intellio® suite of assets. 

  • Intellio® Insights tracks critical benchmarking information like tech spend, R&D spend, common applications, and hosting models that can be viewed through the lens of your target—by sub-industry, revenue size, and more.  

  • Intellio® Hunt helps you identify if the asset you are about to purchase has an existing material risk that could jeopardize your investment. It empowers our forensics teams to quickly identify security breaches across an entire organization during or shortly after transaction close.

Learn more about West Monroe’s Intellio® suite of assets that deliver results, faster.

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What We Offer for M&A Consulting

M&A advisory readiness assessment

Understand your resource, operational, and technology readiness for a merger or acquisition. Evaluate the scalability of organizational assets to support a transaction.

Technology diligence

Ensure your target has the IT foundation to support your investment thesis. We understand how to unlock the potential of technology and establish it as the enabler of a winning business. Our comprehensive IT diligence looks at:

  • How much growth your target’s IT environment can support—and how quickly
  • The degree to which your target is using technology to meet customer expectations
  • Readiness to support analytics and enhanced reporting
  • Stability and resiliency to react to unplanned events or disasters
  • Adequacy of current IT resources, skills, and processes

Compliance capabilities

Presence of a practical and sufficient IT project roadmap We’ll calculate a pro forma IT run rate and make recommendations to mitigate resource gaps and key person risks. We can also benchmark your data and analytics maturity, so you can understand where gaps exist in getting you the data you need to make the right business decisions to inform your merger and acquisition decisions. 

Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) advisory services

Investments in public companies receive the same benefits from technical diligence as private transactions, with cybersecurity incidents and IT outages averaging several million dollars per incident. We’ll help you uncover risks that can materially impact valuation across the full spectrum of PIPE transactions, as well as identify possible synergy upsides for PIPEs that involve more visibility and control, such as structured senior obligations or full change of control transactions.

Cyber diligence

Assess risks and cybersecurity threats in a rapidly changing regulatory and operational environment. Today, more than 80% of the mergers and acquisitions we support include some form of security scope (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA, application security, cybersecurity, GDPR).

Operations diligence

We assess all facets of your operations’ people and processes—from call centers, to supply chain, to back office functions. And as a part of our M&A advisory, we identify areas for consolidation or productivity improvement. In addition, we’ll look at sourcing and procurement functions for additional synergies.

Identify potential barriers to successful and swift integration, including technology and systems challenges, resources, and cultural differences.

Operations and technology diligence for manufacturers

Identify value creation opportunities to positively impact EBITDA in operations technology (OT), labor force, processes, suppliers, and other plant infrastructure and assets. We’ll also compare performance to peers, spotlight KPIs of concern, assess OT cybersecurity, and help you develop remediation plans.

Integration diligence

Identify potential barriers to successful and swift integration, including technology and systems challenges, resources, and cultural differences. Together, we can build an effective plan to mitigate common integration risks and pitfalls.

Market/customer diligence

Gauge market attractiveness and the competitive landscape, so that you can validate your investment opportunity. Our assessment identifies opportunities and risks in the market, and evaluates your target’s growth plans and underlying assumptions, as well as its ability to defend against incumbents and disruptors. We’ll also look at customers’ perceptions of products and consider their behavior in choosing them.

Uncover the complex dynamics within the energy, utility, engineering, and clean energy ecosystem. Based on our unique understanding of energy policy, grid resiliency, and continued electrification, we can guide investment decision-making and impact the design and build of critical infrastructure. 

Commercial diligence

Assess risks, growth, and margin improvement opportunities for SaaS software and tech-enabled service businesses. We can help you create a realistic roadmap and align it with R&D investment, make important organizational and/or product leadership improvements, remediate technical debt, and address material risks and issues with product quality and scalability.

Sell-side transaction advisory services

Understand the necessary steps to prepare for sale, as well as factors—such as technology environment maturity and IT gaps—that can affect the value you realize through the transaction. We’ll also help you identify and capitalize on opportunities, for example by highlighting areas of strength, and creating adequate IT documentation and product roadmaps.

Using Intellio® to create value across the M&A lifecycle

Interested in easier, better M&A? Private equity firms that buy, build, and sell platforms can use West Monroe’s Intellio® suite to drive more value.

Using Intellio® to create value across the M&A lifecycle
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