Gas Utilities

Adapt to the changing world around you: Renewable energies. Evolving customer expectations. Digital transformation. We’re here to help.

Demand for natural gas is evolving. As the push toward renewable energies continues and utilities contemplate a future in which hydrogen represents a significant energy source, change is knocking at the door of every gas utility. When we work with gas utilities like yours, the imperatives are clear: It’s time to modernize infrastructure—installing smart meters and digitizing your utility’s operations with an eye on safety. Improve productivity across the utility through technology and redesigned processes, without sacrificing safety or quality. And adapt to evolving customer expectations by building a customer-centric business and leveraging data to drive customer-centric insights.

We take gas utilities consulting to the next level. Ready to get started?

What We Do in Gas Utilities

Our consultants work with your team to plan and drive transformational infrastructure modernization initiatives. So you can navigate the shifting landscape, and realize results.

  • Engage customers who need more transparency—and ease

    Together, we can design a data-driven customer experience that delivers the insights customers want, and the energy they need.

  • Modernize your gas utility’s aging infrastructure to become more digital—and arm your employees to manage assets

    Whether you’re upgrading infrastructure, investing in 5G and fiber-based networks, or integrating IT systems with operational technology, we’re here to help plan, build, integrate, and manage (including managing regulation), for the long haul.

  • Discover the value of data. Build an analytics center of excellence at your gas utility

    Through our Rapid Analytics Platform, bridge the gap between rigid product solutions and costly one-time custom integration. Apply advanced machine learning to recommend actions based on real-time data.

  • Secure your network and increase your ability to withstand a cyberattack. We can help you:

    • Develop a cybersecurity strategy primed for today's hybrid work environment
    • Test it through a live exercise on your production environment
    • Create a long-term culture of resiliency—collaborate with our change management and business process experts to make cybersecurity everyone’s job
  • Adapt to new legislative and regulatory expectations

    States are exploring models that align financial incentives with climate policy goals, customer interests, and the changing energy market landscape. It’s vital to adapt—and get ahead. We’ll help you explore the changing landscape and begin preparing for the potential of a hydrogen-powered future.  

  • Maximize employee productivity and engagement in an evolving labor market

    We’ve delivered award-winning digital workplace strategies, and we can help you create experiences that attract and retain the talent you need today—and in the future.

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