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Competition. Transformation. Technology. Banks and credit unions face challenging market forces—together, we become a force for change.

After centuries of a strong and stable model, rapid disruption internally and across industry has sparked new challenges for banks and credit unions. Industry fragmentation is only accelerating with fintechs, digital currencies, and neo banks creating a myriad of digitally forward options for consumers. This is raising the number of banking relationships per customer exponentially, with non traditional customers nipping away at core services once dominated by banks. The downstream impacts of this fragmentation are starting to be acutely felt on bank balance sheets, driving a need to change to optimize impact and customer growth, which is where our credit union and banking consulting services come in. 

The historical ‘bank-first’ mentality must shift to a ‘customer-first’ approach, as demand for premier digital experiences have pushed operational changes and the imperative for agility to compete. The new digital era of banking demands data-enabled foundations, grounded in technology and new ways of working. All this, combined with regulatory shifts and new disruptions arising every day, pushes organizations to stay on the defense to maintain growth. 

It’s time to shift into offense – join us. 

What We Do: Banking & Credit Union Consulting

Create more integrated, impactful commercial and retail banking experiences

Our commercial and retail banking consulting experts leverage technology and a digital mindset to enhance operational performance across the commercial and retail client experience to strengthen relationships and create long-term value. With this, we shape your approach for modern lending strategies that maximize hybrid, in-person and digital experiences with products and solutions that meet customers where they are.

Become a digitally forward bank and significantly lower your efficiency ratio

We partner with banks to build the digital foundations that today’s industry demands. That means leveraging automation, becoming data-driven, driving workforce productivity, and ensuring your organization can harness the full potential of digital to streamline internal functions and better serve customers.

Streamline your bank’s core business by integrating regulatory compliance and risk programs 

We leverage our deep technology experience to help banks and financial institutions embrace leading digital technology while keeping in step with today’s rapidly changing risk and regulatory requirements in ways that won’t slow you down. We combine our front and back-office experience with deep expertise on regulations and compliance challenges like BSA/AML, transaction monitoring, and credit risk rating – streamlining your efforts to maintain momentum.

Leverage M&A to scale

Our multidisciplinary teams of banking experts, M&A practitioners, and technologists lead transactions across the deal lifecycle to help you navigate the bank merger & acquisition process. Whether you need to build your target operating model, meet regulatory approval, execute a merger integration, change the way your combined organization works – or all of the above – we can help you realize synergies fast.

Implement the industry-leading nCino bank operating system with the platform’s most trusted consulting partner

As nCino’s longest running and most experienced partner, our implementations allow for faster deployment through our proprietary accelerators, saving you and your team both time and money. We work with you to ensure compatibility across your organization, including technology, people, process, and culture. This all-hands approach to change management can help you better measure the impact and ROI.


As one of the first nCino strategic partners, we bring a unique approach to our work with our banking clients. We don’t believe technology is the silver bullet. We partner with clients to maximize their investment by thinking through org structure, change management, and the supporting processes to realize the lasting power of nCino’s technology.

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