Our suite of assets drive results—quickly—by giving you the intelligent insights to make better decisions with better business outcomes

The Intellio® suite is West Monroe’s collection of data services, assets, and platforms. By partnering with West Monroe, you get access to proprietary tools and data you can’t get anywhere else. The Intellio® suite is designed to help you solve your biggest challenges and get you to value, faster.

How Intellio® assets create impact

We developed our assets to attack the most pressing issues facing businesses today. We identify gaps in the marketplace where commercial, off-the-shelf software isn’t available, scalable, or innovative enough to drive impact.  

Intellio assets are designed to accelerate your business—and is embedded in our service offerings. The real value of Intellio comes through when paired with our multidisciplinary consulting services.  


Our Asset Suite

Intellio® Connect empowers effective collaboration, seamlessly connecting parties that don’t have access to the same systems to enable them to run a workflow or process together.

Intellio® DataOps finds and ingests data quickly from many sources and prepares it for analysis, enabling to make timelier, data-driven business decisions.

Intellio® Deliver accelerates West Monroe’s speed to delivery with industry-specific technology catalogues and data visualization techniques, among other features.

Intellio® Hunt accelerates our ability to rapidly identify cybersecurity threats across the entire corporate or operational technology network.

Intellio® Insights uses West Monroe’s proprietary data collected over time by our experts in the field to provide valuable benchmarking insights not available anywhere else.

Intellio® Labor tracks labor spend and calculates labor requirements, allowing employers to improve forecasting and workforce productivity.

Through large-scale engineering, statistics, and machine learning, Intellio® Predict evaluates growth potential. Intellio® Predict spots values where others cannot.

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