High-Tech & Software

Migration to SaaS. Shortened times to market. New consumer demands. It takes a lot to succeed in today’s software and high-tech industry. That’s where we come in.

We’re here to help the software and high-tech industry get innovative products to the right users, quickly and at scale—maximizing value and driving growth. We help commercial software companies, software-enabled businesses, and software investors gain competitive advantage. In a fast-moving industry. With mounting market pressures.

As technology experts and industry specialists, we take consulting to the next level. We know how to create business value, and we get you where you want to go—and grow the way you want to grow. Improve margins, develop product portfolio strategies, transform the consumer experience, mitigate risk. Together, we’ll get it done.

What We Do in High-Tech & Software

We empower you to achieve results at the speed of the software industry—fast. Whether it’s accelerating time-to-value, achieving scalable growth, or planning an acquisition, we can help achieve measurable results.
Our multidisciplinary teams bring together expertise in technology, software business operations, and end-market industries to help you succeed. We draw on deep experience in related industries—including healthcare, fintech and banking, manufacturing, retail, and private equity—to truly understand your challenges and determine impactful ways to unlock value. We see over 250 high-tech and software companies every year through M&A consulting—and leverage that exposure to create value.
Together, we’ll grow your competitive advantage.

Drive growth

We help you not just grow—but grow right. We assess, size, and segment potential markets across your portfolio. Whether B2B or B2C, we develop new pricing and retention models—especially subscription-based—and evaluate the ROI of potential investments. So together, we can create the right gameplan for your growth and start seizing the right opportunities. 

Innovate products, services, and technology

How do we work together to design your future? Proof-of-concept and ideation, NextGen design, and product delivery optimization. Our digital product and engineering teams know how to design, build, and scale—fast. From data and analytics to cloud migration to modern infrastructure, we help you leverage the right technologies to create business value.

Transform customer experience

From mapping the customer journey to driving long-term customer loyalty and success, we help you transform every step of the customer experience. So you not only enhance the user experience today, but transform operations to establish an agile process for the future that keeps your product at the forefront and supports customer success.

Mitigate risk

We’ve evaluated hundreds of software companies. Drawing on this experience, we act in four dimensions to avoid value erosion: cybersecurity, integration planning and execution, customer disruption minimization, and talent acquisition and retention. 

Optimize and scale

We are laser-focused on scalability—with an eye on gross margin. With the right technical architecture, teams and processes, and back-office systems, you can meet growth expectations and optimize margins. 


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