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Growing profitably in an unpredictable environment. Shortened times to market. New consumer demands. It takes a lot to succeed in today’s high-tech and software industry. That’s where we come in.

Growing profitably in an unpredictable environment. Shortened times to market. New consumer demands. It takes a lot to succeed in today’s high-tech and software industry. That’s where we come in. 

Today’s high-tech and software companies face many challenges – chief among them, driving growth and maximizing enterprise valuation while meeting the goals of both the business and consumers. This is what makes West Monroe the ideal high-tech consulting partner. 

Our focus IS value creation – delivered through an undeniably different approach that drives growth and product evolution. We are not your typical software consultants. We are a multidisciplinary team that combines the best of our industry experience, deep technology acumen, and expertise in creating products and experiences that customers love. 

We’ve created value for more than 250 software, tech-product, and tech-led services clients – and more than 65 leading private equity investors. Our time is focused in these specific tech segments so you get focused results for your company—not generalized TMT experience. Together, let’s get to work.

What We Do: High-Tech & Software Consulting Services

Balance growth and profitability 

The Rule of 40 is top of mind for executives, for good reason: High-tech and software companies that balance growth with profitability perform better and have higher multiples. 

We won’t just help your organization grow. We will help it grow right. Our high-tech and software consulting team will look at product architecture, Service Delivery, R&D, IT, target markets, customer segments, and other general and administrative costs to prepare a road map for improvement – employing service delivery, data-driven models, and product management (SDLC/PMLC) best practices and redesigning processes to strengthen cost management and increase efficiency. 

How high-tech and software companies can further optimize costs in 2023

Uncover and seize new growth opportunities

Growth in a rapidly evolving industry depends on the ability to spot new opportunities and then move quickly to take advantage of them. We start with a deep dive, to assess size, and segment potential markets across your portfolio. We leverage data science models and our proprietary asset, Intellio® Predict to not only uncover opportunities but help you put them into action.

We design new B2B and B2C models – particularly SaaS and subscription strategies – with packaging, pricing, and policies that attract and retain customers. Our technology consulting team has guided many leading software and hardware companies through successful SaaS transformation. We use that experience to help you navigate the complexities and realize benefits sooner.

Innovate at the pace of the market

Because high-tech and software moves at a faster pace than any other industry, you must be ready to accelerate innovation and deliver new product development strategies. Our digital product and engineering teams know how to design, build, and scale – fast. 

We design all of our product and platform strategies directly around customer impact. At the same time, we also create strategies that provide business value – including growth, profitability, and competitive edge.  And for companies that are merging, we’ll develop consolidated platform strategies to maximize the power of your technology. We’re also ready to help you take innovations from the drawing board to the market – employing expertise in areas such as agile product development, data and analytics, cloud migration, modern infrastructure, and organizational design.

Differentiate your offerings through customer and digital experience

Engaging and delighting customers and partners without adding cost leads to greater lifetime value, retention, and recurring revenue. This is where our exceptional digital and customer capabilities come into play. 

From generating better customer insight to creating a modern, digital customer journey to employing segment-specific strategies that drive long-term loyalty and customer success, our high-tech and software consulting services can transform every facet of the customer experience. We are keenly aware of the impact of sales, services, and support processes on customer experience, so we also work with you to create agile, digitally enabled operations.

Optimize performance through acquisition or sale

Few sectors have proven as resilient and relevant through the pandemic as high-tech and software, with greater deal value than any other industry in 2020. And our research and expertise indicate that the appetite has not diminished. If you are planning an acquisition or preparing a unit or company for sale, we can help.

Our software consulting services support more than 250 software and high-tech deals every year – gaining unique insight into value creation in this sector. Our team translates that experience into insight for commercial, operational, and technology due diligence, as well as skilled execution support for merger integration, carve outs, and sell side readiness. 

Let West Monroe use its experience and skill in software consulting to help your business manage growth, increase profitability, and discover new innovations.

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