Water Utilities

Helping water utilities operate better, faster, and smarter

Water utilities face a host of challenges in a changing environment: not least, a resounding need to modernize infrastructure during the age of conservation. This calls for new approaches.

Technology can be key to making assets and processes smarter, delivery more reliable, and customer interactions more valuable. But with highly publicized water crises, limited resources, and increased rate pressures, the challenge is on.

We’re here to help.

What We Do in Water Utility Consulting

We take water utility consulting to the next level by helping you respond to evolving regulations and business imperatives, increasing climate and resiliency risks, and changing customer expectations:

Deploy AMI to improve data-driven decisions making and enhance customer experience

Evaluate, plan, and implement AMI to improve conservation, customer service, and billing. We’ll assist in defining the initial strategy, developing implementation plans, selecting technology and vendors, and managing multi-year deployments.

Improve customer service and determine how to prevent high water bill situations

Identify the root cause of customer service issues and high customer bills. We work across the entire utility—setting meters, reading meters, generating bills, posting payments, and delivering customer service to determine how to mitigate these problems in the future.

Become a digital water utility 

Develop a comprehensive technology assessment. We evaluate what technology platform is needed today and how to scale for the future, what security vulnerabilities exist, and what steps do you need to take to become a customer-centric, digital utility.   

Establish analytics capabilities that help you and your customers make smarter decisions

Track, identify and integrate data sources, set performance targets, and manage operations using real-time data. We help you determine early warnings for how increases and decreases in water consumption can impact cash flow, how many bills are being repeatedly estimated, timeliness of customer appointments, and a backlog of service orders.

Protect your data and business operations with a cybersecurity strategy centered in resilience

Ensure new sensor data is accessible and actionable—and protect it from malicious actors. Manage the convergence of IT systems and technologies, integrate IT and OT, with cybersecurity top-of-mind. And address the expanded cybersecurity risks of hybrid work.

Create an effective, long-term strategy for lifting up communities of need 

Maximize your investment, impact, and outreach. The pandemic cast an unexpected focal point on utility low-income programs. Eligible customer bases increased sharply, while capabilities for assisting customers in need were constrained by limited in-person services. We can help you pinpoint specific areas of greatest need within your service territory and develop appropriate strategies for investing in low-income communities. 

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