Behind every winning digital business is a high-performing product organization. Is yours primed to deliver? 

Many organizations invest heavily in becoming digital but don’t see the results they expect. In our experience, this is because they focus on tactical engineering practices—“building things right”—rather than “building the right products” for the right people the right way. That’s where we come in.  

Learn how West Monroe helps clients build high-performing product teams and establish organizational conditions to continuously innovate, update and improve products and experiences.

One way we help our clients be digital is by developing the capabilities to deliver it. We’ve built successful product teams—for ourselves and our clients—and we understand what takes to become a high-performing product organization:

With a distinctive combination of digital, product, people/organization, and industry expertise, we’ll help you put the pieces in place. You’ll see the results add up: faster speed-to-market, greater engagement and share of wallet, and higher satisfaction scores—all achieved with greater efficiency. 

What We Do to Build High-performing Product Teams 

Define the vision, objectives, and measures for your product organization 

Should your product organization be a disruptor, integrator, builder, or coordinator? We’ll help you determine that—and then align functions around that goal, with objectives tied to business priorities and a balanced scorecard of metrics.

Target services and experiences for the moments that matter 

When and how should customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders engage with your organization? That’s what your service and experience blueprint will show, mapping key touchpoints that include opportunities for your company to differentiate itself.

Unlock the power of DevOps 

Speed-to-market, efficiency, and quality all matter. How will you balance these? We’ll help you sharpen product delivery, enabling faster and more frequent releases with higher quality while also considering security requirements. We find ways to foster collaboration between development and operations teams, automate processes, and create feedback loops to identify and quickly resolve user issues.

Use analytics to understand the real story 

How do you know whether your products are performing to potential and delivering real value for your users? We’ll introduce metrics and reporting tools relevant to your operations and customers. These capabilities don’t just provide performance insight. They enable you track real ROI and—just as important—equip your teams to make informed decisions.

Rationalize your product portfolio 

How well does your product portfolio support strategic objectives? High-performing product teams stay focused on the right tasks. We’ll work with you to determine the products and platforms that drive business outcomes, the returns you can expect, and the investments required for each. The result: a clear product suite with financial justification and strategic intent for each product.

Optimize your product operating model 

To deliver great products, everyone—not just product teams but also finance, legal, sales, and others—must work together. How will you make that happen? Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We dive into processes and practices, instill common ways of working, and foster communities that breed best practices.

Create the ideal organizational model 

Does your product organization have the right skills and team structure? We tap our experience building product teams to define “success profiles” for critical roles, optimal team composition and structures, and relevant staffing models—and we don’t stop there. We’ll work with you in the trenches, orchestrating the changes necessary to bring your high-performing product organization to fruition.  

Build the essential technical foundation 

What types of technology, integrated architecture, and data strategy will your team need to perform at its best? We’ll help you develop a product data structure that enables seamless data storage, transmission, and display so your products can grow without stability or usability concerns—keeping security top of mind while meeting business requirements. 

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Behind every winning digital business is a high-performing product organization. Is yours primed to deliver? 

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