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Creating $2.5 billion in potential revenue growth through human-centered products and experiences

What does it take to disrupt your market?

Our client is ready to take on established competitors and serve the professional market better than any of them. How? Creating human-centered products and experiences that can drive up to $2.5B in revenue growth.

What does it take to disrupt your market?
Creating $2.5 billion in potential revenue growth through human-centered products and experiences

Up to $2.5 billion

in potential revenue growth during the first two major releases

4% to 5%

projected increase in organizational efficiency by simplifying planning—enabling greater project volume

4% to 5%

potential increase in quote-to-purchase won rate by responding faster to requests—creating competitive advantage

The Challenge

Already a retail leader, this client wants to grow by disrupting the wholesale market for professionals. Professionals require more complex planning, ordering, account management, and pricing services—and that means working and interacting differently. That's where we came in.

We create human-centered products and experiences that people love—and that create financial value for our clients. Executives knew we would challenge traditional retail thinking and produce ideas that stand out in the professional market.

Project Timeline

Discover the professional experience from both the outside-in and inside-out perspectives
Define the journey for building a professional service experience, delivered in four releases
Co-create the experience for release one
Present recommendations

An Undeniably Different Approach

Our multidisciplinary team of retail and operations experts, service and product designers, customer experience analysts, and technical architects partnered with the client's professional project team to dig into this opportunity.  

Human-centered design is at the core of how we work. That meant studying the professional's experience from the "outside in"— challenging the company to think differently about what is possible. Our Proprietary Moments framework—"know," "own," and "deliver" the moments—highlighted what truly matters to professionals, their customers, and sales enablement teams, and where experience makes a difference.  

Our research revealed that professionals value clear, real-time visibility around their material orders. That's where we got creative. We generated 50+ initial ideas, prioritized them, and converged on 15 concepts that drive value for both professionals and account teams. We scoped the efforts, and created six prototypes, and tested them with professionals—including:

Real Results

By injecting creativity and pushing boundaries, our product consulting team delivered novel ideas the client wouldn't have been able to generate on its own—in just 14 weeks.

Looking at the professional market from the outside-in provided unique insight into their needs and preferences, leading to innovative ideas that professionals love.

Our Associate Mindsets framework, used for designing processes around sales teams, resonated especially well. The company is now using it beyond the scope of this project.

If the company implements our recommendations, it could increase project volume by 4% to 5%, as well as incoming opportunities and quote-to-purchase win rate—translating to $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion in incremental revenue in the first two releases.

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