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MedTech company successfully launches and scales a fully SaaS business model in 18 months

MedTech company successfully launches and scales a fully SaaS business model in 18 months

Our Impact

Customers expect the platforms they interact with in every industry to be digitally accessible—healthcare is no exception, and the same was true for our medical technology company client. Although inundated with growing demand, their current on-premise business model prevented them from keeping up with demand.  
They needed help transforming their business from a traditional to a digital operating model. In reality, they were becoming a SaaS company and needed to build the digital ecosystem to continue providing an exceptional customer experience.  


year-over-year growth in SaaS Total Contract Value


increase in SaaS Annual Recurring Revenue within 2 years


increase in new SaaS bookings within Year 1 of transformation

The Full Story 

The Challenge  

Our client had an influx of new customers, and their legacy technology and operating model couldn’t keep up. They needed to structure their company to capitalize on SaaS demand — preparing the way for future growth. To help them make the transformation to SaaS, we first needed to assess their current operations and identify key metrics that would help measure progress and signal success.  

They needed a holistic digital blueprint—one that addresses the needs of every department and system to enable a SaaS business model. We helped them achieve it by defining 17 prioritized initiatives that covered areas such as go-to-market strategy, delivery, and core systems. We also developed an actionable roadmap with measurable metrics to ensure they met their goal. 

An Undeniably Different Approach 

True digital transformation isn’t limited to a single department. To realize change of this magnitude, leaders must account for the needs of their entire organization—implementing digital in a way that simplifies and enhances workflows. 

West Monroe’s multidisciplinary team brought together healthcare and life sciences, mergers and acquisitions, technology, and software to ensure we were able to provide a multi-faceted approach that covered all our client’s needs: 

  • Enable subscription transactions: We helped our client select a new CPQ tool to establish a full quote-to-cash systems stack to make subscription transactions possible.  
  • Prioritize customer alignment and adoption: We supported the development of pricing and packaging that aligned with customer preferences and economics—coupled with an IB migration strategy to incentivize adoption.  
  • Unlock the launch and support of new SaaS offerings: We oversaw the restructuring of the selling model, implementation process, and customer support operating model to open the way for new SaaS offerings. 
  • Emphasize financial tracking: We established a financial dashboard to track the financial performance of our client’s new SaaS offering.  
  • Improve customer base retention: We helped build a new customer success and renewals team to keep clients engaged and satisfied. 

Our team takes a hands-on approach to every project, ensuring that our clients feel supported each step of the way. Because of our close relationship with the MedTech client, we were able to better educate their team on new systems and processes—ensuring they were satisfied with the direction of the project and ready to take the reins.  

Real Results

Our client now has an 18-month roadmap to establish the foundation for their digital SaaS model. During our initial engagement, we assessed their SaaS readiness and developed the transformation roadmap accordingly (accounting for their current state). This knowledge was essential since the program was designed to be cross-functional, spanning multi-business units and global regions.  

A key to the project’s success was bringing outside-in thinking to bear on this project (beginning with the customer’s wants and needs). The customer-centric approach to design helped focus and accelerate workstreams—ultimately leading to a more compelling outcome. 

Project Timeline

Assessed SaaS readiness and developed a transformation roadmap
Jumpstarted a cross-functional, multi-business unit, and global program
Optimized program with customer-driven design principles
Supported initiatives to drive future state design and organizational structure

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