High-Performing Product Organization for Payers

Facing escalating competition and relentless demands, payers depend on digital products to run a successful, efficient business. Is your product organization delivering?

Digital services and experiences matter more than ever. But that goes far beyond a modern front door for members, providers, or group administrators. Industry leaders harness digital products to help constituents do all the little things—price health coverage, find the right provider, access health profiles, understand benefits, make appointments, make and receive payments, facilitate communication, and more—that can make or break a relationship.

Many payers have invested heavily in digital products and teams  that aren’t delivering the intended results. In our experience, that’s because they spend their time and attention on tactical engineering practices—"building things right”—rather than “building the right products” for the right people the right way. That’s where we come in with helpful, custom product organization structures.

Combining product strategy, design, and engineering with people & organization  expertise and deep industry experience, we help payers assemble the critical components of a high-performing digital product organization:

  • A culture that embraces collaboration and agility, empowering teams to drive results
  • A clear sense of the value possible from digital products
  • A funding model that emphasizes performance over potential
  • The right organizational model and talent profiles needed to deliver outcomes
  • Incentives based on value created and cross-functional collaboration
  • An environment that ensures data is accessible and usable

We’ll help you put the pieces in place. You’ll see the results start to add up.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Increase RFP wins
  • Raise member and provider experience and satisfaction—and boost your Net Promoter® score
  • Increase utilization
  • Up to 2x better clinical outcomes
  • Up to 50% faster speed to market

What We Offer: 

Define the vision, objectives, and measures for your product organization

Should your product organization be the disruptor, the integrator, the builder, or the coordinator? We’ll help you determine that—and then align functions around that archetype, set objectives tied to business priorities, and create a balanced scorecard of metrics that keeps everyone focused on the ultimate goal. 

Target services and experiences for the moments that matter

When and how should members, providers, and clients engage with your organization? That’s what your service and experience blueprint will show. It maps key touchpoints, including opportunities for your organization to differentiate itself during the moments that matter most and to optimize the engagement experience.  

Unlock the power of DevOps 

Speed-to-market, efficiency, and quality all matter. How will you balance these? We’ll help you sharpen product delivery, enabling faster and more frequent releases with higher quality while also considering security requirements. We identify ways to streamline collaboration between development and operations teams, automate processes, and create feedback loops to identify and quickly resolve user issues.

Use analytics to understand the real story

How do you know whether your products are performing to expectations or potential, or delivering real value to your users? We’ll introduce metrics and reporting tools relevant for payers and your specific operations. These capabilities aren’t just designed to provide performance insight. They help you track real ROI and—just as important—help your teams to make better informed decisions. 

Rationalize your product portfolio

How well is your product portfolio aligned with strategic objectives? We work with you to determine the products and platforms that drive business outcomes, the returns you can expect, and the investments required for each. The result: a clearly defined product suite with financial justification and strategic intent for each product. 

Optimize your product operating model

To deliver great products, everyone—not just product teams, but also finance, legal, sales, clinical operations, and others—must work together. How will you make that happen? Collaboration is at the heart of our approach—so, we dive into processes and practices, instill common ways of working, and foster communities that breed best practices. 

Create the ideal organizational model

A truly high-performing product organization   requires specialized skills and team structures. How do yours stack up? We’ve built successful product teams a time or two—for ourselves and for clients. That’s experience we tap into while defining “success profiles” for critical roles, optimal team composition and structures, and relevant staffing models. And we don’t stop there. We work in the trenches with you to bring that high-performing product organization to fruition.

Build the essential technical foundation

What type of technology, integrated architecture and data strategy will you need? We’ll help you develop a product data structure that supports seamless storage, transmission, and display of data, enabling products to grow without hindering stability or usability—of course, keeping security concerns top of mind while meeting your business requirements.

Getting everything aligned for a successful product can be a pain and slow down your organization's efficiency and effectiveness. Let West Monroe help you get proper product organization structures in place to ensure your success. 

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