Healthcare Growth & Expansion Strategies

Identify opportunities to drive growth and revenue with new health care products and markets, estimate incremental revenue growth, and support product portfolio implementation

Business and operating models are changing, and the digital revolution has forced executive teams to rethink traditional profit centers. How are you identifying and unlocking new growth centers for your business? 

Traditional business models, products, and markets require constant re-evaluation. Many health care organizations still think about their business and strategy in a very traditional way, making it hard to stand out, adapt to new market conditions, and make strategic changes quickly. And when you add technology debt, rising costs, and labor issues to the mix, it becomes extremely difficult to identify—and activate— the strongest value drivers and strategic vision.    

Driving growth in today’s climate requires consistent evaluation and an empowered approach to agility. West Monroe helps quantify new revenue opportunities by identifying and unlocking untapped potential. Our Growth & Expansion Strategies offering helps healthcare companies innovate around product offerings and diversify revenue streams. We partner with our clients to assess opportunities for new market entry, analyze & reevaluate operational proficiency, and support new product implementation.  

As traditional business models evolve, West Monroe’s expertise in growth and expansion strategies has enabled numerous health care clients in successfully launching new, innovative strategic initiatives. Understanding, researching, and planning for new growth opportunities creates a cycle of innovation that differentiates your health care business from your competitors. Our multidisciplinary teams help you build the foundation for growth realization – then maintain that momentum.  

Results You Can Expect

  • Accelerated speed to market for new product offerings 
  • In-depth analysis of strengths and gaps for new market entry 
  • Clearly defined value proposition supported by revenue diversification strategy 
  • Competitive assessment, and estimated market sizing 
  • Alignment of current business capabilities with new product offerings 
  • Identification of total cost of ownership and best fit across technology solutions 
  • Competitive pricing, both internally and externally, for future solutions 

What We Offer


The evaluation of ‘new’ growth for health care businesses requires a disciplined approach to thinking about offerings. We work closely with your team to understand your market perspective on health care growth strategy and come prepared with identified key investments your competitors are pursuing. We create the foundation to innovate by understanding growth areas for new and existing service lines with proven business cases that will garner executive alignment. 


We unpack and synthesize capabilities, offerings, and technologies to identify competitive advantages and differentiators so you can strategize for growth with the current and future operating model in mind. This involves understanding technical capabilities of new offerings, markets, and products while analyzing M&A opportunities to accelerate growth in health care products and services. Your organization will be enabled to quantify gaps to growth and determine investment opportunities that will make your vision a reality. 


We help you prepare for operating model changes, operational readiness, and the definition of a target operating state for delivering new growth for your health care business. You can plan with confidence as we account for regulatory, market, and operational impacts and timing and be empowered with a detailed roadmap to unlock strategic growth channels, with initiatives based on existing gaps and value enablement.  

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