Generative AI Accelerator

Some businesses are testing generative AI far and wide while others stick to minimal—if any—use. Every business must find its right balance of risk and innovation. Have you?

Adoption and exploration of artificial intelligence was already on the rise when generative AI entered the “chat”—ushering in game-changing opportunities for almost all industries. 

Executives have every reason to be excited. Generative AI applications such as ChatGPT can write, document, and review code. It can generate marketing, sales, and training content. It can also conduct analyses and provide next-level automated customer support—and even accelerate R&D. 

Where is generative AI headed? That’s still to be written, but one thing is for certain: The sooner you begin honing your organization’s strategy for using generative AI, the sooner you’ll see benefits. That’s where we come in.  

Our experts have studied generative AI closely to understand how it contributes to being digital—as well as the limitations (potentially incorrect or unhelpful responses) and array of legal, regulatory, intellectual property, and other considerations. West Monroe has a variety of generative AI use cases that we have seen fit into a multitude of industries, all with different stipulations and legal standards. 

We also understand the importance of experimenting and learning now—while also building toward a coordinated strategy that’s right for your business. Our services are designed to start your journey on sound footing. In just a few weeks, you’ll gain important insight to make short and longer-term moves that mean tangible value. We can help create your organization's generative AI roadmap to ensure you have an actionable plan on how to increase efficiency and profitability. 

The Importance of Balancing Risk and Innovation with Generative AI

West Monroe, like many companies, has been experimenting with and piloting generative AI as we work toward a company-wide approach and adoption strategy. We’ve learned some lessons along the way and highlight the top three here

Results You Can Expect

  • Increase efficiency 
  • Reduce costs 
  • Enhance, personalize, and differentiate customer experience 
  • Increase customer/employee satisfaction and engagement 
  • Stay at the forefront of your industry’s innovation 
  • Monetize your data 

What We Offer

Identify your best generative AI use cases 

Generative AI has hundreds of potential use cases that can help grow your organization. Where should you start? That’s what our ideation workshops will reveal.

We approach generative AI the same way we do product development—by envisioning and assessing potential opportunities (“use cases”). Because value can come from any part of the business, we make sure every department has a seat at the table for these discussions. We’ll bring our own experience to facilitate the discussion and inspire new ideas. We’ll dig into the potential benefits as well as the underlying data required—and how well-prepared it is to support specific use cases—to help you prioritize. 

Assess the potential value of generative AI 

The point of using generative AI is to create value and competitive advantage—whether that’s through greater efficiency, enhanced insight, or a differentiated customer experience. That means you must be able to measure the impact. Through interviews, surveys, analytics, and external research, we can assess value of specific use cases. This provides input for refining current generative AI applications or creating new ones—and for pivoting successes into standard operating procedures. 

Implement, test, learn, and refine—continuously  

Implementing emerging and rapidly evolving technology is never a one-and-done effort. When you’re ready to begin developing a use case, we bring proven techniques for iterative development. This is especially important for prompt engineering, the process of designing and then refining prompts for AI language models to produce more relevant responses. We can also help you establish a multidisciplinary task force to govern and apply lessons learned to your organization’s future use of generative AI. 

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