Analytics Center of Excellence

We can help you build an analytics center of excellence that houses the talent, techniques, and tools that turn data into insight—and tangible business impact through AI engineering

If your organization has multiple areas of strategic focus, and multiple business units in need of analytics support, creating an analytics center of excellence (COE) could be a real game changer. 

A well-conceived analytics COE allows you to use talent and resources more effectively. It helps you automate your data using AI engineering, so you can focus on analysis that matters. It ensures you are using consistent and best practices. And, most importantly, it maintains a laser focus on your highest-value opportunities and on creating positive business outcomes.

Establishing an effective analytics COE, however, requires careful design that brings talent and artificial intelligence technology together in the right way to drive business strategy. That’s something we know a lot about—it’s the way we work every day. And it’s how we help clients achieve undeniable results.

Results You Can Expect

  • Establish an operating center of excellence in as little as six weeks
  • Accelerate strategic growth goals faster by focusing resources on the highest-value analysis opportunities and employing leading methods
  • Respond faster to changing business requirements
  • Attract difference-making data science talent

What We Offer

Focus limited resources on the most critical business priorities

Put time and resources where they’ll really make a difference. We equip CEOs with approaches for governance, identifying analytics use-cases, scoring them for feasibility and probable impact, prioritizing resources, and executive alignment and decision making support. And we make sure your COE utilizes a consistent and proven ideation process, to focus on your highest-value opportunities—as determined by your business strategy.

Establish the right talent

Your COE will require a range of skills—from domain/business knowledge to math, statistics, and computer science expertise. We’ll help you onboard and train a team of analytics experts, data engineers, data scientists, and functional leads; create an effective organization structure; and establish appropriate capabilities for both internal consulting and project execution.

Equip your team to build, test, and deploy new models

We empower your COE team to develop and validate new analytics/Al engineering models, deploy them in the cloud environment, and monitor model performance. We will also help you establish a structure and processes for governing COE work—including a steering committee comprised of senior leaders across corporate, business segments, shared functions, and information technology.

Accelerate analytics maturity

Our COE accelerator employs pre-configured AI engineering technology, including Databricks and a cloud-based model environment, to help your team get up to speed quickly. Use our templates to set up and socialize development processes, backlog templates, and recurring meetings.

Engage support across your organization

When new insights lead to new ways of working, our organizational change management team can help you instill those changes to deliver results. We can also help introduce your executives and business stakeholders to data science concepts and the benefits of using a COE to maximize the impact of analytics.

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