Talent Strategy & Analytics

Optimize employee performance and plan for the future of work—with a data-driven approach

Optimize employee performance and plan for the future of work—with a data-driven approach.

Evidence-based workforce management is how cutting-edge organizations compete in the talent marketplace. In the age of big data, analytics makes the difference when it comes to optimizing employee performance and planning for the future of work.

Increasingly, executives making human capital decisions use facts rather than intuition or basic metrics to model demand scenarios, predict critical skill requirements, and align their talent to achieve business goals. This is where West Monroe adds real value  through our talent analytics consulting services.

Our multidisciplinary approach is tailor-made for creating a data-driven talent strategy. Combining human capital expertise, industry experience, and deep technical, data, and analytics skills, we partner with you to drive business results—including lower costs, better workforce culture, higher productivity, and greater competitiveness.

What We Do in Talent Strategy & Analytics Consulting

Determine your best sources of talent

Are you prepared to attract the best talent in an evolving, global market? We’ll analyze the labor market for insight into availability, quality, and affordability of talent across global markets. Our team can also provide analyses to support site selection, offshoring, and contingent labor strategies to set up a talent strategy framework that will last.

Align your talent strategy with business needs

What moves should you make to support business goals? We’ll use our vast workforce management consulting experience to help you integrate data from disparate systems to visualize workforce performance and spot areas of opportunity. Then, we use analytics-driven insight to build your talent analytics strategy, including using modeling techniques to quantify impacts of talent strategies on revenue, profitability, productivity, safety, and other business measures.

Understand what drives your talent costs and performance

Can you make talent moves with confidence, knowing how they will affect cost and other key performance metrics? We’ll help you improve talent strategy and performance by using modeling and analysis capabilities to:

  • Understand and address causes of voluntary employee turnover

  • Assess impact of promotion, pay, performance, and other internal labor strategies

  • Identify new sources of talent by analyzing skill profiles of internal roles

  • Optimize workforce culture to create stronger employee outputs

Fine-tune your organizational design

How can you design structure, spans, and layers for maximum impact? We use analytics and visualizations to model these variables, understand their impact on key metrics, and identify the right combination of design elements for your specific operations and strategy. We use analytics to aid organizational design in other ways, as well – for example, to improve work efficiency and effectiveness and design the ideal workforce mix.

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