Organizational Design

Your talent is only as good as your organization’s ability to support it. That’s where org design comes in.

In any significant transformation—whether due to merger integration, market disruption, or a shift in business strategy —organizational design can make or break success. It determines how fast the business can respond to change.

The challenges of 2020 that forced all businesses to turn on a dime may be the extreme, but the need to guide our organizations through continuous change with sound organizational design frameworks is not going away. We’re ready for that.

Our multidisciplinary approach—blending industry, human capital management, and change management expertise—is purpose-built for shaping an organization ready to succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace, making us one of the top organizational design consulting firms out there. We focus on making sure your business has the right structure, operating environment, and culture in place to embrace change and respond fast, regardless of what is around the corner.

What We Do in Organizational Design Consulting

Assess your current structure and opportunities

You can’t chart change without having a starting point and destination. Our organizational design framework looks broadly, not only at labor costs and size but also roles, reporting structures, layers, and other factors that affect both agility and efficiency. We also look at culture and talent strategy to understand how leadership and other organizational attributes drive or impede value creation. Ensuring sound organizational design principles sets up a strong foundation for future growth. Using benchmarks where available, we’ll pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Start with strong leadership

Good leadership is not just about the quality of talent. It’s also about how that talent is organized for success. With business goals as the foundation, we make sure our clients have a strong, effective senior leadership team with the right sizing, roles, and reporting structure, as well as clearly defined success criteria for each role. Where needed, we can also help assess and select candidates for first- and second-level leadership roles.

Build out an efficient and effective structure

Next, we make sure the organization at large is organized appropriately to support leadership and deliver on business goals. We use advanced talent analytics to model alternative structural options and groupings of work to understand the cost and other impacts. This provides critical insight for designing organization structure, reporting, roles, spans and layers. In situations involving significant transformation, such as a merger integration, we assist with mapping staff to new roles and overall workforce design, as well as developing and executing retention and severance strategies.

Run a strong organization 

Sound organization design principles aren’t just about structure. It requires well-run processes that allow the organization to run as intended. We bring talent and technology together to streamline the way work is done – through process improvements, automation, and other steps that reduce the labor-intensive elements of work.

Pave the road to change

Change is never easy – but the right approach increases the chance of success. That’s one thing we bring to the table. We’ll create a practical road map for managing organizational transitions or redeployment – one grounded in extensive corporate transformation experience, change management expertise, and communication best practices. Our experienced organizational design consultants will help your business stay efficient and effective in an ever changing marketplace.

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