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Whether your background is in consulting, industry, or developing products and experiences you can make an impact here at West Monroe. We are looking for experienced professionals like you.​

Every day our clients rely on us to help them tackle their greatest challenges, by strategically deploying technology through a business-focused and industry-specific lens. We bring together both the right knowledge and the right approach, so that they can capitalize on opportunities and deliver real results. That takes the right team. And that’s where you come in.

Your Background

Why West Monroe

Technology, like consulting, is ever evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, we give you access to the tools, training, and freedom to expand your capabilities and nurture your talent. So whether you’re deepening your competency or honing state-of-the art technical solutions to meet emerging needs, we’ll help you become a leader of the leading edge.

Once here, you’ll gain a breadth of experience that is unmatched. And because our clients operate within the dynamics of evolving industry regulations, disruptive technologies, and macro trends, they’ll look to you for the latest thinking and technology solutions. You won’t be off in a corner with your hands on your keyboard—you’ll be presenting alongside your industry and operations colleagues in the boardroom. Big impact, big reward—for our clients and your career. 

Roles and Opportunities

Business Analytics & Data Engineering

People say, data is key—we think the key is knowing how to harness it. That’s where the Business Analytics & Data Engineering team comes in.  We engineer analytics and get hands-on with data, uncovering insights and creating models that help our clients take quick, confident actions. We partner with clients to understand what happened, and predict what’s next, all the while providing strategic direction on analytical processes and tools, so they can use data to do more. We’re looking for new team members who bring both technical proficiency and business acumen to the table. If that sounds like you, let’s connect.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Head in the clouds? We like that in a consultant! We take an innovative approach to cloud and infrastructure challenges, ensuring that our clients develop the right strategies, investments, and programs to manage data today, and plan for future success. We advise our clients on how to apply IT best practices, migrate data, scale, and cut costs while managing risk—and we’re always looking for people who can drive these critical infrastructure projects to join our team.


Our opinion? Cyber drills should be the new fire drills. As businesses become ever more digitized, the threat of cyberattack becomes even more powerful. We’re here to help our clients develop the right security strategies, investments, and programs for protecting their businesses over time. We’re on the search for individuals who are comfortable interacting with decision-makers, and are excited to drive critical security projects that are integral to our clients’ long-term success, from applying best IT practices to building business resilience, and cutting costs while managing risk.

Product Delivery Excellence

Ready to change the way people work, collaborate, and even interact? That’s what we do every day in Product Delivery Excellence. We build solutions and manage enterprise-wide programs that harness the power of technology, helping our clients align their IT investments with their overall goals and vision. We partner with other practices like Mergers & Acquisitions on complex software due diligence projects, Cloud & Platforms to assist with scalability, and the Cybersecurity team to protect our clients from cyber threats, and we bring our skills to the table (including expertise in Lean and Agile methodologies) to deliver initiatives on time and on budget—and make a real, measurable impact.

Product & Experiences Lab

Are you inspired by the chance to jumpstart innovation and bring remarkable experiences to life? Our Product & Experience Lab is filled with some of the best thinkers and makers – and we’re looking for more. Be part of a team that embraces the iterative, user-obsessed mindset favored by the world’s most successful digital businesses and creates industry-leading strategies for the digital age. You will imagine, design, and build products that people love, while also helping clients develop their own muscle for driving future innovation from within.

Software Engineering

Innovation is the cornerstone of business in today’s digital world. That’s why our clients depend on us to build complex software and application solutions that take their business to the next level. Our Software Engineering teams focus on full-stack application development, high-performance architecture, mobile technologies, application due diligence, front-end development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Agile methodologies, and industry-leading platforms (e.g., Salesforce and SharePoint). Whatever it takes, we’re here to help our clients stay ahead of the curve, and realize results.

Getting Started

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Why West Monroe

Assess business obstacles. Break through adoption barriers. Manage complex programs. Implement transformative technologies. These are the challenges our clients bring to us every day—challenges that inspire us to bring technology know-how and operational excellence to the table to drive real results. If that’s what inspires you too, we’d love to hear from you.

Roles and Opportunities

Corporate Transformation 

In an increasingly volatile business environment, companies need to take extraordinary actions to defend their financial position and drive transformational change. That’s where we come in. We advise management, boards, and investors who are seeking to reinvent their company—and get results that matter. Our team includes financial professionals, technologists and program managers who bring an investor mindset to manage complex, technology-driven transformations from start to finish. If that sounds like you, let’s talk. 

Customer Experience

We don’t just help our clients formulate a customer experience strategy. We bring it to life.

Our goal? To ensure our clients keep pace with and exceed customers’ ever-changing expectations, manage relationships, analyze data, and deliver an engaging experience across channels. If you’re excited to partner with companies to help them meet the challenges of the digital age—and even disrupt it—this could be the perfect team for you.

Customer Solutions

A hallmark of digital businesses is putting humans – customers, employees, or other stakeholders – at the center of everything they do. As part of our customer solutions team, you will help clients embrace a human-centered lens to drive growth, market share, retention, productivity, and other goals as they strive to be digital. You’ll use customer data and analytics to define and refine strategies, break down functional business silos and redesign processes around the customer, and develop omnichannel engagement approaches – all elements of a winning customer experience.

Human Capital Management

Digital evolution may be leading change, but people still make business happen. As we navigate rapidly changing talent market, workforce expectations, and skill requirements, there has never has there been a more important time for strategic human capital insight. Here, you can work at the forefront of today’s top people challenges: defining new talent strategies, designing new organization structures, crafting hybrid and digital work models, optimizing the workforce for maximum productivity, managing people through mergers and other transactions, and transforming the HR function for a digital world.

IT Strategy & BPO

Core infrastructure, enterprise systems and applications, and development services are the means to better performance. Can you unlock the potential? And are you ready to roll up your sleeves to accelerate the benefits? If so, you’ll have ample opportunities to use your experience with alternative IT service models, knowledge of IT vendors and services providers, and strategic sourcing expertise. You will create IT strategies, operating environments, location strategies, and service delivery models that have real impact – on costs, cash flow, productivity, agility, and the speed that can mean market advantage.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Every year, we partner with hundreds of clients to make their deals work and keep their companies strong. We need M&A experts who can tackle the complex strategies and playbooks for transactions, and conduct deep due diligence into the operational, technical, and functional dynamics of a deal. Our clients are looking to us to be both a strategic advisor and a tactical implementer. If that’s you, we should talk.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the optimization engine of West Monroe. We’re dedicated to breaking down barriers that block transformative change: Every day we design and implement process improvements, and unlock the potential of technology to bring them to life. Our team is made up of industrial engineers and Lean practitioners, experts in change management and sustainability, ERP technologists, supply chain management and back-office experts, as well as seasoned business analysts and program managers. Ready to bring your skills to the table and make change happen? Let’s talk.

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Why West Monroe

If you’re excited to work alongside leaders in your industry and bring your experience and perspective to bear on their challenges, we want to hear from you . At West Monroe, you’ll be encouraged to pursue your passion, and deepen your expertise in complex and ever-changing markets—and help our clients stay a step ahead.

Roles and Opportunities

Consumer and Industrial Products

Shape the future of the industry. It’s a big claim, but it’s something that our C&IP team does every day. We pride ourselves on helping clients navigate the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0, transforming their digital landscape. Through data engineering, predictive analytics, workforce optimization, operations excellence, and customer experience expertise, we help organizations forge a path to scalable, sustainable success and profitability.

Energy & Utilities

We work with energy companies to address their most challenging issues, from grid modernization to sustainability, from distributed energy resources to water scarcity and resource-management. We collaborate with experts throughout our company, to build highly skilled, cross-functional teams that help our clients achieve their goals. If you’re excited to use your experience to make an impact, and are ready to bring a strategic perspective to an industry in the midst of upheaval, this could be the opportunity you’re looking for.

Financial Services

The changing financial services landscape offers us a challenge: how to help our credit union and banking clients stand out in a crowded market. Our deep experience in commercial banking, mergers and acquisitions, customer experience, and payments has helped companies succeed amid unprecedented change. Join our team, and forge a fulfilling career driving innovation and impactful results.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences is an industry defined by change—so we’re always looking for new perspectives to help our clients innovate and thrive. We partner with companies across the whole continuum of health to deliver game-changing solutions and drive successful transformations. Bring a results-focused mindset to the table, and get ready to make an impact in an industry where that means more than only financial results—it means new strides in knowledge, care, and heath.

High-tech & Software

With the transformation to subscription and SaaS models, continuous innovation, and fast-changing consumer demands and competition, today’s high-tech and software companies have a lot to navigate. That’s where you come in. You’ll help clients balance growth with profitability – because that drives value – and grow the right way by digging into the details of product architecture, service delivery, R&D, customer segments and more. This is your chance to move the market every day: uncover and seize new growth opportunities, design new business models, and distinguish products through innovation and experience.

Private Equity

If you thrive on speed, strategy, intense competition, and the opportunity to drive high returns, you will fit right into our private equity team – a long-time partner to many investment firms. We specialize in buy-side diligence, as well as sell-side, carveout, and merger execution – serving more than 400 deals per year. You will work in multidisciplinary teams of industry experts, M&A practitioners, and technologists to create value, capture synergies, and help clients realize their investment theses. That’s why investors keep coming back to West Monroe, deal after deal.

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Why West Monroe

Our corporate functions–known collectively as Shared Services–are the backbone of our firm and support West Monroe’s efforts to create real results for our clients while making a lasting impact of their own on the firm. With 20% growth planned year over year, our Shared Services partners help us scale for the future while managing the operations of the business today. If you want to share your functional expertise in a role where you can flex your entrepreneurial skills as an employee-owner while having an impact on the operations of a fast-growing firm, we want to hear from you.

Roles and Opportunities

Professionals in Shared Services work in a variety of roles. For example, our Talent Acquisition team partners with firm leadership to hire the best and brightest, and our strategic growth team empowers us to develop the most impactful services and offerings for our clients. Our office operations team ensures we have well-designed, well-functioning spaces to work in, while our information and collaboration technology team makes sure our laptops and A/V equipment is humming.

Overall, our Shared Services team includes but is not limited to business development, corporate communications, marketing and visual design, finance and accounting, information and collaboration technology, legal, office operations, strategic growth and innovation, talent acquisition, talent development, talent management, and talent operations. Together, we share a common purpose to serve our consulting partners to create lasting results for our clients and for the firm by guiding investments in new technology and processes and implementing best practices for our functions.

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Careers as Dynamic as Your Ambition

Exceptional talent should be challenged with opportunities to grow. Our career model offers multiple paths to find your passion and build a career around what you love to do. At West Monroe, we look beyond a one-track-fits-all approach. With us, careers progress by building new skills and evolving into new roles.

Choose Your Role

Not everyone needs to progress to Director to build a career at West Monroe. Director status is certainly achievable, but so is the opportunity to establish yourself as a Senior PAM (Principal, Architect, or Manager), to build deep expertise in your desired subject matter, or as an Innovation Fellow, focused on bringing new services or assets to market.

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Equal Opportunity Employment

We believe in treating each employee and applicant for employment fairly and with dignity. We base our employment decisions on merit, experience, and potential, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, religion, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

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