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An effective cloud transformation strategy is just the beginning—adapting yours over time is the secret to value. We’re here for every step.

An effective cloud transformation strategy is just the beginning—adapting yours over time is the secret to value. We’re here for every step.

Benefits of the cloud have long been touted. Scalability. Continuity. Flexibility. But that doesn’t make the cloud easy to navigate. 

The incredibly vast landscape of cloud providers is enough to make any executive paralyzed by “the art of the possible.” Add in rapid technology advancement and it’s too much for any organization to keep up with. That’s where our cloud strategy consulting services come in, which cover everything from migration, computing and strategy to analytics and security. West Monroe works with Fortune 500 companies on their approach to the cloud—from strategy to execution to optimization. Having a knowledgeable cloud consulting partner can be invaluable to ensure your organization maximizes the technology’s potential.

Our cloud consulting experts not only know the tech, they understand the players, the risks—and the rewards. 

What We Do in Cloud Consulting 

Working with West Monroe’s cloud strategy services means you get to tap into our expertise and proven cloud adoption methodologies that guide cloud investments, deploy technical foundations, and execute the cloud migration process. 

Get the best of our cloud consulting services through:

Cloud Advisory & Strategy Consulting

Our cloud advisory experts provide adoption recommendations that are both strategic and technical—and are customized to your organization. Backed by proven financial models, we help you define strategic goals, benefits, and risks of your cloud strategy (including deep expertise in cyber). We assess which applications fit your strategy and  outline the roadmap to execution, including people, process, and technology changes.

Cloud Execution

Our cloud execution technologists combine best practices from multiple cloud vendors to establish technical requirements, deploy application-ready infrastructure resources, and successfully migrate applications. We begin by sourcing cloud providers and filling skills gaps in your organization. We also help you establish a Minimum Viable Cloud and proof of concept. With you every step of the way during, we execute the transition to the cloud alongside your organization, bringing proven change management and program management expertise.

Cloud Optimization 

A successful go-live is just the beginning. Realizing the full benefits of the cloud takes a product mindset, continually optimizing your cloud environment by modernizing applications over time, continuous cloud security consulting, improving governance processes and tools, and assessing performance against ROI to avoid cloud waste. Our experts provide ongoing cloud strategy services and cloud IT solutions to help guide your organization toward its full potential.

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