Rapid Insights

Despite significant investments, many companies still struggle to turn insight into action. Our decision intelligence solution can produce almost immediate rewards.

While we all want a modern platform that can turn data into business insight, building one takes time. When the platform is finally “ready,” needs may have evolved. That’s why we take an undeniably different approach—one that delivers difference-making insight now.

Our unique Rapid Insights offering enables any business to harness fresh, relevant, and timely insights—fast. By focusing on solving your core business problems rather than data and/or analytics infrastructure problems, we can deliver insights in just weeks—four times faster than traditional analytics projects. And at a much smaller up-front cost.

Our clients find that being able to demonstrate measurable results and value from the outset engages business stakeholders sooner. As that happens, the impact grows. Even better, key pieces of a future analytics platform begin to fall into place.

Results You Can Expect From Rapid Insights

  • Generate new insight dramatically faster with decision intelligence–for example, in days versus weeks or months
  • Produce incremental revenue–for example, through new cross-selling or targeting insight
  • Accelerate your ability to use advanced analytics and artificial capabilities
  • Close organizational technology gaps along the way

What We Offer

Focus on outcomes first, then infrastructure

We begin by defining analytics “use cases”—hypotheses for analyses to address critical business problems. We ask: What insights does your business need? Which are of highest priority/greatest potential impact? What trusted data sources are available? Then we work with you to test a potential high-impact opportunity.

Experiment quickly, using leading visualization tools

Our decision intelligence tools give you the power to understand and generate value quickly. We apply management information to conduct quick experiments so you can see if they produce value—typically in just six to eight weeks—before you commit to further investment. Powerful contemporary apps such as Python/R, Power BI, and Tableau consolidate data from different sources into a single data model, and give your business users visualizations that demonstrate what’s possible. If the insight does not produce the desired impact, then we’ll design incremental refinements, until you do see results.

Solidify your technical foundation

As we work through rounds of Rapid Insights, we learn more about your data and systems. From this, we can pinpoint ways to shore up your technical foundation to deliver better quality data with the flexibility of a cloud-based warehouse. We use our proprietary “data warehouse accelerator” to expedite development and decision intelligence for your organization. The result: a better understanding of your data, new opportunities for process improvement, improved data quality, and infrastructure improvements.

Develop vital data and analytics skills

We work in the trenches with your team throughout this process. Our goal is that, after a few months, you’ll be able to repeat this process—expanding on your data insights and business impact, with minimal demand on IT resources or need for IT expertise, resulting in improved data governance quality. Ultimately, this will lead your organization in the direction of self-service analytics.

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