Electric Utilities

From investing in infrastructure to evolving the utility business model, together we can deliver reliable power today—and innovate for the future.

Delivering reliable, safe, secure, and affordable power is an increasingly complex task. Utilities must respond to shifting customer expectations, the challenges of updating aging infrastructure, increasingly extreme weather events, and an accelerating momentum toward decarbonization and renewable energy. All while evaluating disruptive technologies and within an highly regulated landscape.

Serving customers and addressing new stakeholder needs requires a strategic view, and an experienced eye. That’s where we come in.

We take an undeniably different approach that adapts to the industry’s rapidly dynamic landscape, and positions your organization for sustainable success.

What We Do: Electric Utilities Consulting

To succeed in the rapidly changing energy landscape, utilities must have the flexibility to integrate wide-ranging trends and changes into their strategies. That’s why we help utilities plan and drive transformational grid modernization initiatives.

Together, we can skillfully navigate the most significant shifts—and build for the future:

  • Modernize aging infrastructure to become more resilient and digital—and set up your employees for success

    Running the utility of the future means upgrading T&D infrastructure, investing in IoT, 5G, and other wireless- and fiber-based communications networks, and integrating IT systems with operational technology. (It also means managing these investments properly with regulators.) With grid modernization an imperative, investments in infrastructure are a given. We’re here to help plan for it, build it, integrate it, and manage it—for the long haul.

  • Embrace—and manage—innovative energy resources

    DERs are poised to grow rapidly, transform energy markets, and significantly change utility operations. We help you proactively develop and invest in the services and digital systems that support the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). From our proprietary platform Intellio® Connect to our deep understanding of transportation electrification, together we can build smarter grids as the foundation for smarter cities.

As more customers look to transition to EVs, utilities must be prepared to manage large, additional electric loads and support the investment in charging infrastructure required. We are ready to lead the way. Our team has navigated the most pressing challenges and turned that experience into a suite of tools and services to support our clients at any stage of their EV journey. These innovative total-cost-of-ownership and business case analysis tools, as well as intelligent EV program strategy and design services, streamline and accelerate the path to tangible results.

  • Engage with customers—and their new vision for energy utilities

    Customers are looking for more from their utility: insights into their energy use. More rate and renewable energy options, from solar panels to electric vehicles. And better experiences and interactions. We can help you design a data- and analytics-based customer experience that uses digital communications, apps, and even a high-performing customer service center, so you can deliver the energy of the future, today. We can also build customer information platforms that integrate your CIS with a modernized CRM system—unlocking customer benefits while avoiding the risk, cost, and time spent replacing it.

  • Unlock the value of data

    Turn insights into operational improvements. Build an analytics center of excellence, consolidating the right skills, strategies, processes, and technology. Through our Rapid Analytics Platform, you can bridge the gap between rigid product solutions and costly one-time custom-integration solutions. And apply advanced machine learning to recommend actions based on real-time data analysis. 

  • Secure the grid and increase your ability to withstand a cyberattack

    Energy utilities are an extremely attractive target for cyberattacks. It's never been more important that your security is not only compliant but nimble, active, and effective. In addition to grid resilience, all IT and OT field technologies, grid automation, and customer data, we help utilities build an active and responsive culture around cybersecurity—so when an attack happens, you are ready to respond swiftly and effectively:

  • Build a strategy: Develop an incident response plan that isolates your operations from the outside world to preserve your ability to monitor and control the grid while you mitigate the cyberattack.
  • Test the plan: Execute tabletop and live exercises in your production environment to give you an extra level of assurance that you can get it done when the time comes. And retest regularly.
  • Create a culture of resilienceCybersecurity is everyone’s job, especially now in a hybrid workplace. Our change management and business process experts can collaborate with you to make sure people understand their roles—and can put your plan into action.
  • Adapt to new legislative and regulatory expectations

    The energy market landscape is constantly changing. As states explore new business models that align financial incentives with climate policy goals, utilities must be responsive and nimble to stay ahead. Our deep experience in working with utilities and regulators makes us the ideal partner to help utilities navigate and optimize these new opportunities.

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