Connected Care Experience

Improve care, differentiate, scale, and create the greatest clinical and business impact by delivering great care experiences at the moments that matter most

Too often, healthcare organizations adopt the same kinds of capabilities as their competitors and create siloed, fragmented experiences for their consumers in the process. How can you stand out and deliver exceptional, streamlined care experiences at the moments that matter? 

Despite advancements in innovation, digital health has had minimal impact on improving patient care experiences and costs—employers continue to face high costs. Equitable access to quality care remains a prevailing issue. Patients and providers are frustrated by siloed experiences. Plus, the unprecedented shift towards virtual care during the covid-19 pandemic produced both parity and inconsistency across the industry as organizations adopted similar kinds of capabilities that didn’t always integrate with other technologies. Now more than ever, we need solutions that make healthcare experiences easier, more holistic, and more seamless across both physical and digital interactions. West Monroe can help. 

Our Connected Patient Care Experience offering combines human insights, design excellence, tech expertise, and business acumen to deliver meaningful moments that matter and create an extraordinary care experience that’s deeply connected at every point.

Enabling great patient care experiences delivered at key moments will have the most clinical and business impact for your organization. At West Monroe, we’ll help you identify the moments that matter so that you can improve care, differentiate, and scale. Our proprietary accelerators enable repeatable frameworks that can be propagated quickly across the functional areas of your business. And our multidisciplinary teams have the optimal mix of deep industry, product, and technology expertise to ensure that we always work efficiently and effectively to create durable, scalable change—not to mention quantifiable financial value—as we push your organization forward with an aligned focus on your biggest stakeholders. 

Results You Can Expect

  • Increase patient acquisition, engagement, satisfaction, and retention 
  • Grow revenue faster 
  • Improve patient outcomes 
  • Lower operational costs due to increased digital activity 
  • Boost employee satisfaction and productivity 

What We Offer

Discover and define your ideal patient care experience

Putting your strategic vision and positioning into action is how you’ll create great experiences for your consumers. Know your patients, your people, and your unique value to identify the moments and measures that can drive extraordinary care. Our teams will work with you to build alignment on your organization’s strategic vision through user research and experience mapping, with defined KPIs and value drivers to measure success. We focus effort and investment to enable you to track value across hundreds of touchpoints with all of your stakeholders. 

Design the future 

Design new interactions, products, and services that will improve key moments and lead to better outcomes. Armed with meaningful insights and strategic pillars to build upon, we collaborate to design patient care as a product. Our digital-first mindset combined with our deep experience in human insights enables us to facilitate current-state assessments and user experience and service design—while developing your tailored roadmap for improving the patient care experience.

Deliver and adapt 

Integrating capabilities that are inclusive of your organization’s product and governance strategies now will make future implementations faster and more cost effective with less risk. We deliver systems that empower organizations to support, train, and transition to a run state where clients execute independently and confidently. This results in adaptable organizations that are united around a transformative future-state vision who are enabled for ongoing, scalable success. 

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