Population Health & Care Management Modernization

Want to help your care teams deliver better health outcomes and contain costs?

Modernize inefficient and costly operating models to meet the rising demands of internal and external constituents, integrating care experiences, bridging the gap with providers, and enabling improved operations and technologies.

Population health management and care delivery are in a constant state of change—along with technologies, analytics, data availability, and an increasing focus on patient, member, and provider experiences. As the shift to value continues, regulatory measures are requiring organizations to adapt current processes to strengthen relationships, improve outcomes, and change how data is collected and shared. Technology alone won’t solve these issues. 

A modern operating model for population health management, enabled by a refreshed, product-centric mindset is critical to prepare for change. We’re here to make that happen. 

We partner with healthcare organizations across the industry to navigate and accelerate their readiness to meet the needs of this evolving landscape. Together, we focus on improving engagement, mobilizing and preparing for change, and modernizing population health management tools and operating models. We do this while documenting and transforming processes, workflows, and KPIs. Our Population Health & Care Management Modernization offering focuses on cost containment, care coordination improvements, and data collection and analysis to create excellent health outcomes and experiences while allowing for market level flexibility. 

West Monroe’s multidisciplinary approach to team calibration—combined with our healthcare and technology expertise—allows us to maximize value every step of the way. Our proven frameworks and methodologies accelerate transformation and ROI, avoid business disruptions, and create lasting value.  

Results You Can Expect

  • A refreshed digital mindset, driven by a modernized care management model, and supported by tools designed to drive holistic experiences

  • Improve plan utilization, outcomes, and maximize engagement through new technology while increasing stakeholder confidence 

  • Enhance productivity through the reduction in manual workarounds and time-intensive processes, freeing staff for more value-add tasks and initiatives

  • A significant decrease in administrative costs for payers and providers

What We Offer

Design population health experiences and modernize care management operations to establish a unified vision

We solve for the total experience—analog, digital, and how it all works together—by validating stakeholder alignment on organizational vision and future-state design. On the strength of our proven frameworks and accelerators, we rapidly evaluate opportunities across population health focus areas, which informs future-state design. Our experienced product teams help you drive speed-to-market value and bring your tailored vision to life.  

Rationalize roadmaps and mobilize for change

Sustaining and scaling modern operating models for population health care management requires comprehensive change management to promote adoption and champion the shifting mindset. We create change by doing—that means establishing an actionable roadmap and tackling identified quick wins out of the gate. This, in addition to standing up an optimization office with governance and collaborative structures to rationalize and drive change, establishes a clear plan, motivates teams, and enables realization of value across care management and population health operations. 

Evaluate population health management solutions and implement complex programs

In addition to running a sustainable optimization office, we execute digital upgrades, support delivery of digital solutions, and prepare teams and organizations for operational readiness and roll-out. Our teams measure value at every stage to enable consistent and effective reflection and refinement. 

Prepare to be agile

After enabling your future-state population health management solution, we work with you to document processes, facilitate support training, and initiate hand-offs to transition efforts to internal teams for long-term success.  

Optimization is an active state of being, not a destination or a one-time event. We help clients empower real-time growth and development by capturing in-market learnings and developing practical approaches to managing risk and change—now and into the future. 

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