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A modern data platform reduces data onboarding effort by 50%, enabling faster sales insight

A modern data platform reduces data onboarding effort by 50%, enabling faster sales insight


estimated decrease in effort required to add new data sources, leading to faster impact on sales 


employees delivered rapid insights, leading to increased employee satisfaction 


processes automated daily, leading to increased organizational efficiency 

The challenge

Sales teams need every possible competitive edge to sustain rapid growth—including a 360-degree view of healthcare professionals. Our client's on-premises data platform posed issues. It was difficult to maintain, limiting integration of new data sources necessary to enhance customer insight. It also produced inconsistent KPIs across therapeutic products. The company sought assistance to establish a cloud-based data platform that could integrate seamlessly with Veeva to increase data engineer productivity. That’s where we came in.

Project Timeline

Define opportunities to use data to differentiate the customer journey
Envision the data platform that can deliver the required capabilities
Build the data platform—using an agile approach and Databricks as the foundation
Strengthen the solution based on user feedback

An undeniably different approach 

Our ability to turn data into financial value begins with a big-picture view. We studied healthcare professionals’ journeys—analyzing key touchpoints and opportunities for using data to influence them as well as data flows, fields, metrics, and use cases.  

Our team took that analysis and envisioned a potential master data structure for engaging healthcare professionals—organizing data along therapeutic areas that create financial value tied to specific business units—and designed the technical architecture for bringing this vision to fruition. 

We did just that—building a new cloud-based data platform that processes 750+ active data sources and 2,000+ data transformations of varying refresh frequencies and data formats—with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform at the core. As a longstanding Databricks partner, we brought not only technology expertise but also our proprietary Mizu Lakehouse Accelerator, which shortens the build phase—allowing our client to begin realizing benefits sooner. 

Using core platform capabilities and customizing it for the client, such as master data management processing, we created healthcare professional “golden records” and API-driven lead generation for sales enablement. The platform’s metadata capabilities make it easier and faster to onboard new data sources. 

We didn’t just deliver the platform; once it was operational, we gathered additional user feedback and made updates to continue fine-tuning it.

Real results

The new data platform’s automation and metadata capabilities increase our client’s agility and data-driven insight—qualities it needs to thrive at the speed of digital business. The company can now add new and more complex data sources with ease. They can transform data to deliver enhanced customer insight—allowing sales teams to act on recommendations with confidence and the business to run more effectively. The platform is key to multiple initiatives, including delivering enhanced sales insight and international expansion

There are also tangible efficiency benefits. The company can onboard new data sources in hours rather than days, with 50% less effort—not only increasing efficiency but also accelerating access to important new insight that strengthens their competitive advantage. That, in turn, means more engaged and satisfied employees. 

You need a data platform designed for your future.

Our data—and Databricks—experts are ready to deliver.

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