Mizu, West Monroe’s Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator

Explore Mizu, West Monroe’s Databricks Accelerator, your guide to building a scalable data platform and unlocking insights in a data-driven era.
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In a world where data is the cornerstone of business evolution, companies are feeling the pressure to become more data-driven. The journey, however, is often fraught with challenges – from modernizing data platforms to leveraging cloud technologies, the path is intricate and overwhelming. 

Enter Mizu, your guide to navigating the complexities of establishing a modern data platform. Whether you’re exploring AWS or Azure, Mizu empowers you to set up a leading-edge data platform in just a couple of weeks, seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure and security standards.

How Mizu Works

Quick Ingestion

Mizu enables the swift ingestion of a myriad of disparate data sources – be it files, databases, or APIs – into the Databricks lakehouse, delivering actionable business insights in days, not months.

Reusable Data Pipelines

Leverage the power of reusable data pipelines. With Mizu, a few configurations are all it takes to hydrate your lakehouse in hours, not weeks.

Integrated Data Catalog

Mizu is integrated with the Databricks Unity catalog from the get-go, enabling data cataloging and lineage, while also harnessing the latest Databricks features.

Customizable & Scalable

Optimize your data team’s efficiency with a solution that scales to meet the largest data demands and is easily customizable to serve your unique business needs.

Mizu’s Results & Impact 

<3 weeks

Fully operational platform

<1 hour

To ingest new data source

800+ hours

Save months of developer hours

Mizu, West Monroe’s Lakehouse accelerator, automates common, repetitive data engineering tasks so data engineers and analysts can focus on constructing valuable business insights and analytics.

The Technology Behind Mizu

Mizu uses the latest features of Azure, AWS and Databricks, including Unity Catalog. This provides leading practices out of the box to enable you to easily get started and scale your data platform rapidly and securely. Mizu is currently implemented across several industries to deliver a wide array of data warehouse, master data management and machine learning/ AI use cases.

Explore the power of West Monroe + Databricks, joining forces to simplify your data journey and foster intelligent business growth. Discover how we make becoming a data-driven business both simple and achievable.

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