Make data-informed decisions, improve operations, and innovate faster. Accelerate your journey to the Lakehouse Platform with West Monroe and Databricks.

In today's digital business landscape, data analytics is crucial for organizations to make data-driven decisions. To achieve this, businesses need a modern data platform that enables flexibility and scalability.

In a fast-paced world, businesses must adapt their data architecture, processes, and tools to accommodate new technologies and ensure seamless integration. Many companies want to be more data-driven, but are overwhelmed by the technology choices in the marketplace and don’t know where to begin. Data strategies often happen in silos and produce inconsistent information.  

West Monroe and Databricks partner together to help clients accelerate their digital journeys. The partnership combines West Monroe's expertise in business strategy, operations, technology, and industry nuance with Databricks' modern data platform to deliver end-to-end solutions that solve business problems and drive business growth.


Together, West Monroe + Databricks Help You Grow Faster

Streamline Data Management and Analytics

Streamline Data Management and Analytics

Databricks' platform and West Monroe expertise provides clients with a streamlined approach to data management and analytics. The platform allows clients to build innovative data pipelines, develop machine learning models and AI capabilities, and perform advanced analytics on the leading platform in one place—all while partnering with West Monroe’s technical team with decades of experience.

Realize Faster Time-to-Value

Realize Faster Time-to-Value

The partnership provides clients with access to West Monroe's Mizu accelerator, a lakehouse accelerator that helps clients realize ROI quickly. The Mizu accelerator helps clients achieve faster time-to-value, build products to monetize data, and bring new solutions to market and stay ahead of competitors.

Achieve Sustained Success

Achieve Sustained Success

West Monroe’s team of experts understand the nuances of your industry. Our team also ensures that change management is a key part of every project, helping upskill and train your employees to set you up for long-term success.

West Monroe + Databricks discover $75M for life sciences company

West Monroe and Databricks helped a life sciences company mine their claims data for insights. The results? The life sciences company shared the insights with their list of preferred healthcare providers, informing them of therapeutics that can help their patients. This led to a lift of $75M for a single therapeutic in one year.

Mizu, West Monroe’s Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator

Explore Mizu, West Monroe’s Databricks Accelerator, your guide to building a scalable data platform and unlocking insights in a data-driven era.

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Chris D’Agostino, Global Field CTO at Databricks, and West Monroe’s Data Innovation Fellow Doug Laney discuss the current challenges and focal points for data leaders, discussing data literacy, organizational change, and how the right tech stack can play a crucial role in your success. Listen now.

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