Organizational Change Management

It takes strategic alignment, a strong organizational foundation, leadership, and ongoing change management to ensure large-scale transformations are adopted—and create value. We can help.

Organizational Change Management Consulting

Transformation is only limited by your ability to gain—and sustain—adoption. Most organizations who start a transformation journey do so with the best intentions of taking their business to a more profitable, digital, productive place— however, many fall short of recognizing a full return on investment.

Why do most organizational change strategies fall short?

  • Misalignment of leadership vision and goals
  • Ineffective leadership and inability to work across silos
  • Missing a core team of key stakeholders driving the transformation forward
  • A lack of internal program or portfolio and change management skills required to strategically manage the end-to-end transformation
  • Cultural resistance to change or low employee engagement

We can help you strategize, create, and implement initiatives and technology investments that transform your business through program execution, organizational change, resource capacity, and continuous performance monitoring and reporting. With a process-oriented lens, our cross-functional teams bring projects both large and small to life via a series of organizational change management best practices and frameworks, be it across departments or the entire enterprise.

Together, we can make transformation happen, and create sustainable financial value.

Results You Can Expect

  • Increased value through improved processes, tools, structures, and execution
  • Strategic change management strategy based on 150+ completed projects
  • Improved employee engagement leading to 50% turnover reduction

What We Offer in Organizational Change Management Consulting

Organizational design that facilitates streamlined transformations

Transformation must start from a solid foundation to be successful. We can help you design the right organizational structure to support your business needs in areas like rethinking your organizational change management strategy, understanding gaps in talent and training needs, cost reduction, productivity plays, change management, and acquisitions.

It's been reported that only 56% of strategic initiatives meet their original goals and business intent. But when transformational projects are tied to organizational strategy, the rate of success increases significantly.


Expert portfolio and program management that drives strategy to execution

Strategic investments need to be properly managed and measured. That’s why we implement portfolio management processes and tools, such as intake, prioritization, capacity reporting, and stand up full-scale transformation offices, to align all the way from strategy to execution—and to drive value creation.

Without proper measurement and analytics, it's nearly impossible to tell if your organizational change management strategies are working. Our specialized teams can help ensure you are growing in the right direction.

A change management strategy that inspires employees and endures

The bottom line? Business transformation only creates value if it is adopted. So it’s essential that change management is woven throughout your culture—not just your project. Our change management experts work across industries and business functions to enable adoption through assessment, vision definition, strategy development, employee engagement, and culture improvement, as well as project and program execution.

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