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Technology holds the means to better performance and competitive advantage. Count on us to help you unlock its potential.

Core infrastructure, enterprise systems and applications, and development services are all increasingly important to success. That’s where our IT consulting services come in.

From our work with leading organizations across many industries, we have seen the art of the possible—and implemented it. We not only understand alternative IT service models, we have built up deep knowledge of the IT vendors and service providers, along with their strengths and weaknesses. And we use this experience and insight to tailor IT strategy and delivery to:

  • Lower total cost of ownership and operating costs
  • Improve cash flow
  • Enhance productivity
  • Increase agility
  • Bring the competitive advantage of greater speed to market

What We Do in IT Strategy & Architecture Consulting

We aren’t your typical consultants. Technology is part of our DNA—and we’ve been leveraging it to create business value for decades. Many of our professionals are former functional or IT executives. So whether your challenge is comprehensive IT transformation or fine-tuning specific capabilities, you can count on working with people who are focused on results—and understand how to deliver them.

West Monroe is with you every step of the way—with our sleeves rolled up, collaborating with your leaders to define IT strategy, execute the transformation across a multitude of industries like healthcare and business, and continue to improve on it over time.

Design an IT functional and technology strategy to maximize business impact

Every company is different, and our experience allows us to redefine IT’s business value within your organization to make sure your IT strategy supports your goals. We demonstrate how to build new business models to exploit emerging technologies and focus on business outcomes. Conflicting internal needs and demands can make this challenging. That’s why we bring all relevant stakeholders – including business owners, supply chain, IT, finance, legal, management, and more – along for the ride as we demonstrate the art of the possible.

Together, we:

  • Provide the objective analysis, advice, and guidance to support executive decision-making
  • Help stakeholders design and define the business and operating models of the future—and successfully guide the transformation needed to realize them
  • Implement the changes required for your strategy to succeed—and maintain the relevance of your infrastructure and operations across IT infrastructure and architecture, enterprise systems and applications, and development and management services
  • Prioritize the portfolio of investments and initiatives that can produce business outcomes you want

Optimize your current IT environment

How could you improve IT service quality, speed delivery, and reduce costs? We can show you – with a comprehensive assessment of current infrastructure, enterprise software, and integration capabilities via automated tools. We can help you prioritize opportunities—for example, using cloud computing and software-as-a-service solutions to reduce complexity, optimize agility, and manage costs more effectively. We can also review and optimize software licenses to reflect current or expected business needs.

Establish an IT operating and service delivery model that is right for your business

How should you organize services for optimal results? Your organization will look very different to achieve a strategic transformation. We have seen what works across many different industries and environments. We apply that experience to design an IT operating and service delivery model – incorporating both internal and external IT services – that provides the right balance of performance, price, responsiveness, service quality, and flexibility from partners. We holistically define and establish new organizational models, operational processes, systems, and vendor partnerships to transform how IT capabilities are delivered. Assessing at a functional level how IT capabilities may be delivered through DevSecOps, plan/build/run, and other models.

Where outsourcing and insourcing certain services and capabilities can accelerate transformation, we bring valuable strategic sourcing experience. Our teams have supported hundreds of IT outsourcing deals, covering a wide range of technology services, and have unique insight into vendor strategies and delivery models. We don’t just help you establish the right partnerships – we will make sure you can manage these relationships effectively and realize the long-term value you expect from them.

Accelerate the transition—and the benefits

Do you have the resources you need to turn strategy into tangible business impact? We understand how to deliver complex internal change and will guide your team through the transition – applying planning, execution, project portfolio optimization, change management, and corporate transformation expertise to deliver benefits and value, faster.

How will you manage external service providers? We define and manage third-party provider transitions to ensure that handoffs are transparent and efficient, knowledge transfers are complete, and operational risk is minimized. We work with new providers to establish a strong foundation for on-going working relationship.

Define the location strategy critical to competitive advantage

Do you know where to locate resources to generate the most efficient business impact? After assessing existing business requirements, we align location selection criteria with business objectives. We work with vendors to establish operations in desired geographies across the globe to drive benefits of skills enhancement, expanded service coverage, and cost savings.

Enable and optimize the cloud

How do you manage a shift toward the cloud? West Monroe can facilitate enterprise cloud adoption—and the organizational change it requires. Our direct experience with legacy-to-cloud migrations includes discovery, assessment, and analysis of legacy infrastructure—using automated tools to expedite the process. And of course, migration and implementation on an enterprise scale.

Optimize enterprise software

How do you address the challenges of selecting the optimal enterprise application software providers and the right systems integration partners to implement tomorrow’s solutions? Enterprise software and systems integration services are highly visible and mission-critical to nearly all business users, given an increasing importance of technology and automation in driving business efficiency and flexibility.

We help our clients realize their enterprise application and implementation partner strategies to reduce application and technology delivery times and time-to-value, increase their agility to changing business requirements, reduce application deployment and support costs, and reduce the complexity of managing infrastructure allocated to enterprise applications.

Optimize telecommunications

How do you optimize a commodity? We can show you – with a comprehensive assessment of current telecom spend via automated tools and proprietary algorithms. We have sourced over $15 billion in telecom and help our clients optimize telecom networks, reduce over-capacity, increase redundancy, eliminate billing errors, and match benchmarks.

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