Sustainability Services

Manufacturers see challenges on the road to net zero. We see opportunities.

Consumer, investor, employee, and regulatory demands keep sustainability high on the manufacturing agenda—and for good reason. It’s a societal imperative, but our experience has shown that it’s also a business imperative. That’s why our priority is to help manufacturers achieve sustainability goals while also unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. 

We do this by aligning the digital journey with the sustainability journey—because that advances both goals while driving greater overall return on investments.

Every manufacturing organization is at a different level of maturity. Our team is ready to support you wherever you are on the journey—with capabilities for strategy, planning, and implementation.

We’ll bring together a team of experts in technology, operations, energy, finance, and digital products to create solutions tailored to your goals—always with an eye on value. 

Results You Can Expect

  • Reduce emissions from your baseline 
  • Lower costs through energy efficiency, waste reduction, and transportation strategies 
  • Generate new revenue from sustainable products 
  • Enhance reputation among consumers, investors, and employees 
  • Leverage federal and state grants to aid your capital investment plans 
  • Meet regulatory requirements 

What We Offer

Set a practical strategy and roadmap 

All manufacturers are on a different sustainability journey—with each requiring a unique approach. What will yours look like? We’ll work with you to define that, using your operational data to establish current ESG baselines and model carbon emissions using state-of-the art tools like Alteryx to develop practical recommendations. 

But we don’t stop there. With an approach grounded in value identification, we look for ways to deliver quantifiable impact—whether cost that’s savings from energy efficiency, waste reduction, and new logistics strategies, or intangible customer experience and talent retention benefits. We’ll also help you establish the right oversight for seeing strategy through to success.

Elevate data and reporting 

What gets measured gets managed. That’s important considering sustainability and ESG are long-term journeys. We’ll bring the full breadth of our data and analytics capabilities to help streamline sustainability reporting—with an emphasis on highlighting value captured along the way. This often enables funding for new investments in data products or monetization strategies that accelerate impact. 

We’ll help you navigate the biggest challenges to effective reporting such as aggregating data from across the enterprise and adopting proven ESG software solutions. But reporting isn’t just about data and analytics technology; it’s also about people and processes, so we make sure you’re building enterprise capabilities and data fluency at the same time.

Achieve your decarbonization targets 

It’s great to have a plan—but sticking to that plan is where many organizations struggle. We’ll equip you to meet both short-term and long-term goals, meaning new capabilities for managing initiatives both within and outside the four walls of your factory. We bring distinctive expertise in areas such as supply chain sustainability, green IT, and responsible AI, smart products, and transportation electrification. We can also help you explore and pursue federal funding opportunities under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). 

Build a sustainable supply chain 

The good news is the same steps you’re taking to engage suppliers in a digital supply chain can also provide a platform for understanding environmental impact. We’ll help you assess supplier sustainability, establish a sustainable sourcing strategy and metrics, create capabilities for tracking and reporting against targets, and align partners with standards to remove emissions from your network. We help supply chain go green through three main offerings:  

  • Supply chain assessment: West Monroe conducts a thorough analysis of the company's supply chain—identifying strengths and weaknesses in environmental impact—and providing a roadmap for sustainability improvements. 
  • Network optimization: Using digital twin technology, we simulate client-specific scenarios to identify the most optimized network for cost-saving and emission-reduction goals. 
  • Sustainable sourcing: We take a comprehensive review of the sourcing and procurement functions to identify opportunities for sustainable practices, contributing to overall environmental risk mitigation.

Drive sustainability through product innovation 

Sustainability is not just a cost. With the right lens, it's a cost-plus and a key lever for value creation. We help clients pursue profitable business opportunities through product innovation—launching sustainable offerings such as smart products that use data and analytics to improve performance by reducing waste and energy use and extending product life. 

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